How Your Solar Return Venus Placement Affects Your Love Life For One Year

The planets in your birth chart and solar return chart can widely vary, altering your approach to life and love.

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From predicting the theme of your life based on your solar return Ascendant to figuring out your emotional terrain depending on your solar return Moon, you can find out a ton of information with a solar return chart. The planets in your birth chart and solar return chart can widely vary.

Solar return Venus

The zodiac house that your solar return Venus occupies plays a role in your love life for one year. And unlike your natal Venus, which reveals your natural temperament in love and attraction, your solar return Venus is all about how you will attract and covet love and pleasurable things in life for the course of one year.


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Solar return Venus in the 1st house

The first house in astrology is all about the essential self and how we interact with the world. A solar return Venus in the first house will immediately lead to a glow-up at the beginning of the year for you (starting on your birthday and ending on the next birthday). You will be very focused on improving your popularity and your self-esteem will be tied to how people perceive you. Some people choose to upgrade their wardrobe or change their style during such a year as well. Cosmetic surgeries are also indicated if the solar return Venus has connections to Mars or Pluto. You will be very competitive in the arena of love during this year, be it in romance or platonic competition to be the parents' favorite child.


Solar return Venus in the second house

The second house in astrology deals with your personal finances and possessions. When your solar return Venus is in the second house, you will have a blessed year with money and opportunities flowing to you easily. This is because Venus is a powerful planet for manifestation and luck along with Jupiter. You can even tune into this energy to quickly manifest with your Venus sign. Some people get married during this year as well or appear more attractive and valuable to potential partners. Your personal tastes may suddenly change with a desire to acquire precious things, jewelry, expensive clothes, cars, and more.

Solar return Venus in the third house

The third house in astrology is the house of communication, short-distance travel, siblings, and friendships. Having a solar return Venus in the third house will make you the life of the party and win you many friends during the course of the year. People will think favorably about you, and if you wish, you can leverage this to further yourself in life and in your social circles. Your voice may be affected too and you will find it easier to convince people about your ideas and inclinations. Just watch out for afflictions between solar return Venus and other malefics in the chart as that can upend this in the wrong direction. Some people even start businesses with their close friends during such a year.

Solar return Venus in the 4th house

The fourth house in astrology rules over your home, home life, relationship with your parents (especially your mother), and what makes you feel comfortable. A solar return Venus in the fourth house brings blessings into this sphere of life for one year. If you are married or in a relationship, the effects will be felt here and there will be prosperity between you and your partner. People who give birth to a child during this year are especially blessed. You may be more introverted than usual, though, and won't like associating with too many people. You may even actively shorten your inner circle to make sure only people of quality and consideration can interact with you. Some people feel like a king or queen in their home during such a year.

Solar return Venus in the 5th house

The fifth house in astrology deals with fame, fortune, romance, and children. Having your solar return Venus in the fifth house is extremely favorable for those who are single. You may meet your soulmate during this year. And if you are already in a relationship, there's a big possibility you will take everything to the next level and develop a stronger bond with your bae. Romantic getaways and surprises are also indicated here. If you are inclined, this position can boost your popularity and fame as well... but only if you put yourself in situations that will allow that to happen. This is an especially good year for enhancing your social media game or promoting your business and yourself.


Solar return Venus in the 6th house

The sixth house in astrology deals with your work life, how you are of service to others, your health, and all things practical. Solar return Venus in the sixth house is a more humble position for this Venus. You may not shine so brightly, but people will appreciate the work you do and your efforts in social welfare. Efforts to improve your health will be successful during this year and bring a glow-up, but you may not be considered beautiful in the eyes of society during this time, regardless of the efforts you put in. Purchasing gadgets and gizmos to make your life more efficient and practical are also indicated here.

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Solar return Venus in the 7th house

The seventh house in astrology deals with partnerships, marriage, social interactions, and social circles. When you have a solar return Venus in the seventh house, you can expect to be a social superstar during the year. But not in a fifth-house kind of way. People will admire you and you will find it easy to attract both romantic partners and new platonic connections. Be careful of who you enter into contracts with during this year, though. You may be susceptible to looking favorably at the surface aesthetics of an individual and how charming they are, failing to realize they are not a good partner under the surface. Your physical beauty will definitely be affected during this year, but the zodiac sign associated with the seventh house will determine whether it will be god/goddess-level amazing or more muted.

Solar return Venus in the 8th house

The eighth house in astrology represents all things dark, secretive, and occult. It is the house of death and sex, but also the house of marriage (along with the seventh house). Having a solar return Venus in the eighth house can be tricky business. You are prone to attracting and being attracted to intense experiences and people during the year that will lead to great personal transformation, but the cost may or may not be steep. Your sexual experiences will be very blessed and intriguing during this year though. But you may seek out risky dalliances, so watch out for that. If you want it badly enough, you can easily use this Venus energy to draw your soulmate to you during this year. But because it's associated with the eighth house, there's a high possibility of a rollercoaster affair.


Solar return Venus in the 9th house

The ninth house in astrology is the house of travel, higher education, and philosophy. It's an excellent placement for the solar return Venus because the energy of Venus is heightened in the natural house of Jupiter. You will attract a lot of opportunities for expanding your horizon during such a year. Foreign love affairs are also indicated here, be it a global long-distance relationship or one at home with someone from a different origin than you. You will be very intuitive about what you should study and learn when you have your solar return Venus in the ninth house. This will eventually help you make a lot more money in the future. You may be very invested in traveling abroad and collecting curiosities during such a year.

Solar return Venus in the 10th house

The 10th house in astrology is the house of success, public affairs, and victory. A solar return Venus in the 10th house is the best placement for personal success and massive good fortune in career. The zodiac sign of the solar return Venus will determine how all this will come to you. Physical beauty is not indicated here, but your personal charisma will be through the roof this year. Some people even find political success when they have their solar return Venus in the 10th house. But you can also utilize this energy for business success or for a blessed merger.

Solar return Venus in the 11th House

The 11th house in astrology is the oddball house of eccentricity, innovation, and community welfare. Having your solar return Venus in the 11th house can make you a people's leader in whichever cause you promote. Just be aware that Venus is not as powerful as the Sun or Jupiter for leadership, so there's a possibility someone may try to dethrone you when your solar return Venus moves to a different house in the subsequent years. For the most part, you will find it easy to latch onto new trends during this year or even be the trendsetter yourself. Entrepreneurs benefit greatly when they have solar return Venus in the 11th house, especially for raising venture capital. You may even alter the beauty standards of your community or country, depending on your level of fame in the public sphere.

Solar return Venus in the 12th House

The 12th house in astrology is the house of spirituality and the soul. When you have solar return Venus in the 12th house, you will attract situations and people that will enable you to start a new chapter in life and love. Soulmates, including platonic, karmic, and romantic, enter our life during such a year. Our beauty and physical appearance can also change and become more ethereal or shape-shifting. Spiritual blessings are the mainstay of such a year. But you may be prone to mythical thinking and delude yourself into seeing the good in unhealthy situations, hoping they will change their ways.


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