How To Know Who's Chemically Attracted To You, According To Astrology

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There are many birth chart placements in astrology that can explain why certain people are attracted to you and vice versa.

For example, Venus is the planet of love, beauty and attraction, showing us what pleases us the most and where and how we find our pleasures in life, which includes partners. Venus in particular shows us what type of woman a man is attracted to.

On the other hand, the Moon reflects emotional temperament and what a person really wants on an intimate and emotional level.

Mars is also very important in terms of attraction because it rules sex. In a woman’s chart, Mars represents the type of man she will be attracted to while Jupiter plays a role in the type of person a woman looks for in a long-term, committed relationship. 

That said, sex is in the realm of the eighth house in astrology and, according to TikTok creator and astrologer Alyssa Sharpe, reveals who's deeply attracted to you on a chemical level. 

The 8th house reveals who’s chemically attracted to you.

According to Sharpe, planets that you have in your eighth house suggest those with strong placements in those signs have a strong sexual connection to you.



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This doesn't necessarily mean that you have a strong compatibility with this person or will have a relationship that will work outside of attraction but suggests that you attract a certain type of people based on the planets you have placed here and the qualities those planets instill in you.

To find out who is chemically attracted to you, determine your eighth house placements.

It is important to see which planets are located there, if any.

To do this, calculate your birth chart using your birth date, place, and time. 

Once your chart is generated, look for sign placements in your eighth house.

If there are no planets in the eighth house, look at the planetary ruler of the eighth house. For example, if the eighth house is Aries, then Mars is the house ruler. 

8th house attraction

Aries 8th house

Aries is ruled by Mars and Mars rules sex, so if this is your 8th house you will have plenty of drive and confidence to attract those you are interested in and they too will be confident and sexually driven.

You and your partner will generally be up for new experiences and you will appreciate a partner who initiates things — and if they don’t, you will.

Taurus 8th house

Venus rules Taurus, so if this is your 8th house, you may have a rich and sensual sex life and attract those who fit this bill as well.

Taurus likes to feel safe and connected on both a sexual and emotional level and needs to be in nice or even rich surroundings. Scented oils, silk bed sheets, flowers, and beautiful surroundings increase the Taurus libido.

Gemini 8th house

Gemini cannot stand to be bored or deal with those who are unable to communicate clearly what they want. Gemini in the 8th house will attract those who crave excitement and are open-minded when it comes to sex and relationships.

Cancer 8th house

If your 8th house is Cancer you will attract nurturing and sensitive partners. Cancer in the 8th house reveals that people who value an emotional as well as physical connection see you as someone who can satisfy both of those needs. 

Sex can be a creative, intuitive, and magical experience you and your partner will not forget.

Leo 8th house

If your 8th house is Leo, you will attract bold and impetuous individuals who are generally courageous and go after what they want in life. Fun-loving and romantic adventures are just up your alley and you will have no problem attracting these types.

Typically, Leo puts their heart and well as their body into romance.

Virgo 8th house

The sign or symbol depicting Virgo is ‘the virgin’ but this does not mean they don't feel sexual attraction! Virgo in the 8th house reveals that people who value bright and driven individuals are chemically attracted to you. They see you as someone reliable.

Virgo is known as a perfectionist and may need to let go of some of these tendencies a little as well as over-analyzing partners, and this is often the type you attract as well. 

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Libra 8th house

As Sharpe explains using her chart, having Libra in your 8th house reveals "strong Libra" placements (such as Libra Sun or Libra Rising) are sexually attracted to you. 

This placement reveals that "people who value balance, beauty and charm" have a strong chemical attraction to you because they see you as someone who "can share power" with them.

Scorpio 8th house

8th house Scorpio is all about sex, and sex is a large part of the Scorpio experience so this is the type that will be chemically attracted to you. Nothing is taboo with this sign and the connection is all about intense, passionate experiences they will find with no one else.

Sagittarius 8th house

A Sagittarius 8th house attracts those with an adventurous spirit who are tuned into freedom and fun. They see you as someone who can satisfy their needs without getting emotionally attached.

Sex is an ongoing adventure for Sagittarius who is not interested in routine or boring, so this placement attracts those who may view sex as more of a sport than an emotional connection.

Capricorn 8th house

Having a Capricorn 8th house reveals that those with strong Capricorn placements have an undying chemical attraction to you. This placement reveals that people who are attracted to stability and ambition see those traits in you along with a sensitivity that makes them feel safe.

Aquarius 8th house

Having Aquarius in your 8th house attracts those with strong Aquarius placements who see you as open-minded and playful.

Aquarius can be restrained as they are neutral but they also like exploring the unknown and forbidden. Communication and friendship are part of the package.

Pisces 8th house

Intuition and creativity are important to those whose 8th house is Pisces. Those with this placement attract people who see you as creative, imaginative, and intuitive and able to offer the full emotional experience.

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