The Types Of People That Are 'Red Flags' For You, According To An Astrologer's Theory

An astrology explains the role of the Sirene asteroid in astrology and how its placement "can show you the types of people that might lead you on."

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Although Asteroids are not discussed as much, sometimes, they can have an important impact on our natal chart. In synastry charts, the effect can be potent and we can see how one aspect can spark a whirlwind of chaos. 

Astrologer @Shawtyherbs took to TikTok to discuss the asteroid Sirene, which she explained, “can show you the types of people that might lead you on or waste your time.” She also posits that “not everyone with this particular sign is going to lead you on," advising people to "use your discernment… listen to your gut instincts.” This is great advice, as just because someone has these placements does not mean you need to run away. Give love a chance and if it doesn’t work, at least you gave it a go.




@Shawtyherbs' TikTok breaks down a detailed step-by-step tutorial, showing how to generate your chart using the extended chart selection. Fill in your information and scroll to the bottom to filter the Asteroid Sirene. You will then see its location in your chart. It is essential to look at both the sign and degree to see which signs can make us fall for them but can make us feel disillusioned in the long run.


Your 'red flag' zodiac signs, according to Sirene asteroid astrology

Sirene in Aries or at Aries degrees 1, 13, 25

The native attracts romantic partners that are highly independent and stubborn. Because the native may lack confidence and might seek refuge in someone with these placements to fill a void, they can be a magnet for these people. The native needs to learn to abandon codependent tendencies to flourish so they know not to get too tangled in a romantic web with these placements.

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Sirene in Taurus or at Taurus degrees 2, 14, 26

Venusian types can inspire us to know our value; however, the native may have an issue with their self-worth so they may attract people who may magnify their insecurities. They may be attracted to romantic partners that are very involved with beauty and could be shallow. The natives may be attracted to them because they have not discovered the beauty they have within or do not appreciate themselves. Developing self-love will help them make their radar stronger.

Sirene in Gemini or at Gemini degrees 3, 15, 27

Attracting someone with Sirene in Gemini may reflect that native’s struggles with communicating or lacking the honesty to accept what they seek in romance. They may attract people that silence them or make them feel insecure about how they express themselves. Once the native knows how to feel more empowered with their self-expression, they will be able to thrive and find people that help motivate and encourage them instead.


Sirene in Cancer or at Cancer degrees 4, 16, 28

Having this placement reflects that the native may avoid emotional attachments or getting closer to their partners. The native with these placements needs to become more comfortable with their self-expression, forgiveness, and being more open about their feelings so when they do meet someone with these placements, they do not feel as overwhelmed and can learn more about themselves in the process.

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Sirene in Leo or at Leo degrees 5, 17, 29

Ego may have been a challenge for the native, so those with this placement may attract narcissistic people. The native needs to cultivate their sense of confidence so that they do not fill the void with someone that will waste their time. Learning to love themselves and put themselves first can also help them reach this goal and avoid people that are too self-absorbed.

Sirene in Virgo or at Virgo degrees 6 or 18

The native may draw people that are too critical and who may be hyper-fixated on changing them. With this placement, the native needs to learn how to be comfortable with who they are so that they aren’t overwhelmed by partners that do not appreciate them for the beautiful things they can bring to the relationship.


Sirene in Libra or Libra degrees 7 or 19

Codependent partners may be attracted to the native as well as partners that may be too materialistic, shallow, or self-absorbed. The native needs to learn to be more independent, to seek partners that allow them to be free, and to know how to bring a better balance to relationships. Venus likes balance and the native needs to learn to incorporate this to protect their boundaries.

Sirene in Scorpio or Scorpio degrees 8 or 20

Opening Pandora’s Box can be tied to this placement since the native attracts partners that can be suspicious of them and not trust them. They can also be a magnet for intense and controlling partners. The natives should be honest and truthful in their relationships. Balancing power is essential if they do enter relationships with Scorpio placements. Being transparent works in their favor with these romantic partners, as well as creating a good relationship dynamic that makes both parties empowered.

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Sirene in Sagittarius or Sagittarius degrees 9 or 21

When the native meets someone with Sagittarius placements or planets in the Sagittarius degree, they attract someone extremely independent and who prioritizes themselves. Even their philosophy can be revolutionized after meeting Sagittarius placements. It is easy for the native to fall for the person since they may fill them up with hope and potential for a future and may burst their bubble. The native needs to learn to balance freedom and co-dependence in their relationship so they attract someone who offers them the best of both worlds, adventure, and romance. They should focus on a partnership that focuses on teamwork and developing common future goals.


Sirene in Capricorn or Capricorn degrees 10 or 22

The native may attract workaholics and people that will put themselves and their careers first. What the native needs to remember is that their effort and love is not in vain and they need to learn how to prioritize their goals and dreams. If the native wants to pursue greener pastures, they should seek people that are emotionally intelligent and are willing to build and grow with them.

Sirene in Aquarius or Aquarius degrees 11 or 23

Sirene in Aquarius reflects a partner that may be detached and puts their friends before themselves and romantic partners. The native attracts someone that may not be aligned with their romantic goals and may not express their love the way the native expects them to, so they can appear to be romantically cold. Sirene in Aquarius is a lesson to learn not to depend on someone’s love but instead to fall for someone that will want to be lost in love together.

Sirene in Pisces or at Pisces degrees 12 or 24

Beautiful and dreamy Sirene in Pisces wants to dream and merge their soul with the native. The native falls for the color that Sirene here brings to their world with illusions and sometimes delusions. Sirene in Pisces is romantic and otherworldly, however, there isn’t any structure or order in the relationship. The native needs to learn to be more down to earth and focused on their goals and plans so they can attract partners that have a similar mindset who are practical and do not have their heads in the clouds.


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