How To Use Astrology To Predict Your 9-Month Pregnancy Experience

Astrology can give you some insight into what you can expect during your pregnancy.

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Once you dig deep into astrology, you can use it to predict a wide range of things. Like, the physical appearance of your soulmate (and when you will meet them), the personality of your future child, and even what you'll be like as a parent!

You can even use astrology to predict your motherhood journey. Spoiler: it all depends on your zodiac birth chart.

How to use pregnancy astrology to predict your 9-month journey

To accurately predict your pregnancy experience, you need to look at the nine planets (and luminaries) that rule each of the nine months of pregnancy.


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The first month

Venus, the planet of love, represents conception in astrology. And since there won't be a pregnancy without conception, Venus is the planet you should look at in your birth chart to predict what your first month of pregnancy will be like.


If you have a well-placed Venus, like a Venus in Taurus or Venus in Leo, the circumstances can be incredibly romantic and the pregnancy will begin with ease. But a poorly placed Venus can point to problems. For example, Venus in Scorpio can cause a painful conception or a toxic experience with the father of the child.

The house placement of Venus will give you more clues about your first-month experience. For example, if you have Venus in the 9th house, you will be traveling a lot or your life will be pretty hectic during your first month of pregnancy. If you have Venus in the 12th house, you may not even know you are pregnant until much later!

The second month

Mars rules the second month of pregnancy. So to know what your pregnancy experience will be like during this time, check the position of Mars in your birth chart and any significant aspects between it and other planets and points.

A well-positioned Mars will make the second month smooth and easy, but a poorly placed Mars can lead to direct health complications and even emergency visits to the hospital, especially with blood pressure issues. The house placement of Mars can give you more clues. For example, Mars in the 2nd house can reveal you will be very sedentary during the second month and will put on considerable weight to help provide for your growing child.


The third month

Jupiter rules the third month of pregnancy. The house and sign of Jupiter in your birth chart, along with significant astrological connections will reveal what your pregnancy experience will be like during the end of the first trimester. For example, Jupiter in Gemini in the 6th house reveals you will be communicating with doctors and specialists throughout the month. You may even be looking for a midwife to help you with an at-home delivery later. Jupiter opposite Moon can reveal there will be domestic strife between the husband and wife or with the in-laws during your third month of pregnancy.

The fourth month

The Sun rules the fourth month of pregnancy. You need to look at your Sun sign and its house placement in your birth chart to predict what this month will be like in your pregnancy journey. A strong Sun reveals your child will be growing well and showing movement every now and then. But a badly placed Sun can reveal health problems and nutrient deficiencies in the mother or show that the mother's body is not well-suited for pregnancy for various reasons, leading to a difficult experience.

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The fifth month

The Moon rules the fifth month of pregnancy, so look at your Moon sign and house placement in your birth chart to find out what you will experience during this stage of pregnancy. A well-placed Moon reveals you will feel strongly connected to your child during this month and onward. A poorly-placed Moon can reveal a disconnect between the mother and child and emotional instability in the mother.


The sixth month

Saturn rules the sixth month of pregnancy. This can be a rough time for a lot of people as it's the last month of the second trimester. Also, Saturn is known as the taskmaster planet. A poorly placed Saturn in your birth chart can make your sixth month of pregnancy full of problems and challenges. You may also face issues with authority figures and doctors. Some people feel like they have to make a tough choice that's not beneficial for them or their child. A well-placed Saturn, though, reveals you will be well taken care of by everyone, including medical workers, and things will proceed at a steady and easy-to-adjust pace.

The seventh month

Mercury rules the seventh month of pregnancy. So look at the house and sign of Mercury in your birth chart to predict what the seventh month will be like in your pregnancy journey. You also need to look at significant connections between Mercury and other planets and points to watch out for potential problems or unexpected blessings. For example, if you have a Mercury in Virgo conjunct Ascendant, you may have premature labor and birth. While Mercury in Taurus in the 11th house will make this month so unproblematic that you won't even realize when you progress to the eighth month.

The eighth month

The eighth month is critical in anyone's pregnancy journey. And in astrology, it's ruled by the lord of the mother's Ascendant. For example, if the mother's rising sign is Cancer, then the lord of the rising sign is the Moon. She will need to look at her Moon placement in her birth chart to predict what her eighth month of pregnancy will be like. The lord of Aries and Scorpio is Mars, Taurus and Libra is Venus, Gemini and Virgo is Mercury, Cancer is Moon, Leo is Sun, Sagittarius and Pisces is Jupiter, and Capricorn and Aquarius is Saturn.


The ninth month

The Sun rules the ninth month of pregnancy, so the principles outlined in the fourth month of pregnancy will apply here as well. A well-placed Sun in the mother's birth chart will make your last month of pregnancy very smooth and the delivery not life-threatening. But it will be the opposite if the Sun is poorly placed or there are bad aspects between the Sun and other significant planets and points.

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