The Type Of Mom You'll Be, Based On Your Moon Sign

The Moon in astrology is connected to motherhood and your Moon sign can show your values as a mother.

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Did you know astrology can tell you what type of mom you will be when you have children? The secret lies in your Moon sign.

The Moon in astrology represents your soul, the way you feel emotions, what you are naturally good at, and how you express your maternal instincts. So, if you want to know what type of mother you'll be to your kids, all you have to do is look at your Moon sign in your birth chart. The house placement and major aspects to the Moon will provide additional insights.


The type of mom you'll be, based on your Moon sign

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Aries Moon

If you have Moon in Aries, you will be a very action-oriented mother. You are not the type to sit and hem and haw for eternity. You zero in on the problems and quickly find solutions to implement. Some Aries Moon moms are very strict with their kids. But they are also spontaneous and fun-loving and will teach their kids to value independence and be self-sufficient. Aries as a mom is a total ride or die for her children.


Taurus Moon

If you have Moon in Taurus, you will be a kind, loving, and generous mother. You will spoil your kids with whatever they want and good foods to eat, whatever is within your capacity. But you will also raise them to respect their elders and follow the rules of the house. You will try your best to set your children up for success and provide them with financial freedom. Taurus as a mom is mostly gentle and peaceful but can turn fierce and unforgiving if certain lines are crossed.

Gemini Moon

If you have Moon in Gemini, you will be more like a friend to your children than the stereotypical portrait of a mother. You will teach them about adventure and the importance of speaking their mind. You will also nurture their curiosity. Gemini Moon moms have an excellent sense of humor and their home is always filled with laughter and chatter.

Cancer Moon

If you have Moon in Cancer, you are the ideal that created the mother stereotype. You will be extremely loving and nurturing towards your children. And you will encourage them to be in touch with their emotions. You won't want to them grow too fast though and will hate it when it's time for them to leave the nest. Cancer as a mom will do anything to protect her kids so the harsh world doesn't burst their bubble of hopes and dreams.

Leo Moon

If you have Moon in Leo, you will be the mom every friend of your kid knows by name. Your generosity and larger-than-life persona will precede you, even in the moms' circle at your kid's school. You will raise your kids on a healthy dose of adventure and camaraderie. But you will be very particular about your children showing you respect and doing as you say. Leo as a mom is not one to be messed with.


Virgo Moon

If you have Moon in Virgo, you will be a very strict mom who will teach her kids the importance of hygiene, keeping the house neat, dressing well, and having good sense in life. You will never spoil them rotten. Instead, you will teach them to be smart and practical. Virgo as a mom is a no-nonsense mom.

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Libra Moon

If you have Moon in Libra, you will first have very beautiful children. Second, you will teach your children the importance of being polite and resolving conflict in clever ways instead of engaging in ridiculous things like fist fights. You will not pressure your children to succeed, but you will expect them to stand out in society and make you proud.

Scorpio Moon

If you have Moon in Scorpio, you will be a very careful and protective mom. Some of you may even become smother-mother! You will do anything for your children, but you will demand respect and obedience from them in return. Scorpio as a mom is not one to be messed with.


Sagittarius Moon

If you have Moon in Sagittarius, you will be a friend to your kids and not a conventional parent. Your children will always feel safe to share their deepest worries with you and will know that you have their back. You will raise your kids on love, laughter, and lots of adventure. Sagittarius as a mom will raise a brood of wildlings.

Capricorn Moon

If you have Moon in Capricorn, you will be a very sensible and practical mom. You will teach your children the ways of the world and how to navigate it to success. You are a high-achiever and will raise your kids to be the same. Some may say your love is transactional, but you are the type who knows that totally unconditional love only leads to spoiled, entitled kids.

Aquarius Moon

If you have Moon in Aquarius, you will be an unconventional mom who will teach your kids to be free thinkers and value their uniqueness. You will also encourage them to explore the world and ask questions. Some Aquarius Moon moms have a non-traditional lifestyle and raise their kids to never mindlessly follow any authority figure.

Pisces Moon

If you have Moon in Pisces, you will be a loving, kind, and compassionate mom. But you can be a bit absent-minded sometimes. You will raise your children to value art and creativity and will want them to live out of the box always. You may be considered eccentric by some, but you are highly intuitive and know exactly what you are doing and what's good for your kids. 


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