The Best Venus Signs (And Why)

Venus in each sign has its positive and negative traits, but some tend to outshine the others.

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We all have 10 planets in our birth chart and they always operate better in some signs than in others. When a specific planet is in a sign that is very beneficial it is considered ‘at home’ in that sign and operates in a very powerful way. Alternatively, planets can be considered ‘at their fall, or at their detriment’ in some signs, and they do not operate as well here or are weaker.

Let’s take for example Venus, the planet of love, money, beauty and values. Venus is one of the most important placements in a chart as it concerns the way we love, express affection, who we attract or are attracted to, where we find our pleasure and the things in life we find pleasing.


Venus in each sign has its positive and negative traits, but let’s take a look take a look at the best Venus signs and placements and why these are considered the best.

Best Venus signs



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Venus in Libra

Venus is considered ‘at home’ in Libra, making this Venus placement one of the best. Since Libra rules Venus its placement in this sign means there is a better chance of finding love and happiness than others. Venus in Libra simply cannot be happy without love and companionship in their lives, and they have an excellent chance of finding it.

If you have Venus in this sign you would be attracted to beautiful possessions, and in all likelihood are quite attractive yourself. You may find that you are drawn to Venusian careers; Art, beauty, clothing, the arts or anything else concerning beauty. Since Libra is a balanced sign, you generally enjoy the traits of fairness, peace, happiness and a certain amount of serenity. You are probably great at socializing and navigating any and all social interactions. You seek to have a joyous and prosperous life and set out early on to make it this way.

Venus themes play a central role in your life which may include beauty, romance, love, joy and happiness, a stable relationship or marriage, financial security and beautiful objects and things. You are focused on harmony most of the time and whenever possible and you may be a natural-born peacemaker. You seem to know what makes a relationship work.

Venus in Libra loves romance but may not get emotionally entangled with every relationship because since Libra is an air sign and approaches love in an intellectual manner until and if the relationship warrants an emotional connection.


You are approachable, easygoing, friendly and carry yourself with grace. Your natural charm attracts all kind of people and brings you luck in friendships, relationships, money and love.

Venus in Taurus

Taurus is the second sign ruled by Venus and is considered the sign of its dignity. While Venus in Libra is about love, Venus in Taurus is about wealth and money, comfort and security and solid partnerships. People with Venus in Taurus are drawn to comfort, beauty and pleasure along with an overall ease of living. Venus-Taurus individuals exude an earthy type of sensuality and are in touch with the senses more than others.

Taurus rules the voice so these individuals often have a pleasing voice or sometimes are engaged in activities like singing, speaking or even broadcasting, and are often artistically talented in some way.

Venus in Taurus suggests a grounded individual who has a sense of where they are going due to the practical nature of Venus in this sign. Venus in this sign can suggest good abilities with finances especially if it falls in the second or eighth house of the natal chart. Since Venus is also associated with self-esteem, these individuals generally have a feeling of a solid worth of self and they generally project a very solid and graceful appearance.


Venus in this sign can come across as materialistic since they like expensive things that appeal to comfort and they are attracted to wealth. While this is the case, they also seek a solid, comfortable relationship with a significant other and they are supportive and enjoy taking care of their loved ones. They are slow to end a relationship and slow to get into a serious relationship as they like to take their time and know what they are getting into.

Venus in Taurus or Libra is a very powerful placement in a natal chart unless it is retrograde, placed in a challenging house like the 12th, or in hard aspect with malefic planets.

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Venus in Pisces

Venus in Pisces is the third best Venus sign as it is considered ‘exalted’ in this sign, or comfortable. While Venus in Libra is about love and Venus in Taurus about the senses, Venus in Pisces is a creative, intuitive and sensitive person who seeks true love and wants to unite with their lover on a very deep, bonding and even spiritual level. Pisces is the sign that likes to merge with others, and its modern ruler Neptune often blurs boundaries in its desire for unification.


Venus-Pisces is associated with qualities of devotion, eternal love, dreams and imagination. They might even see love as a form of salvation. Self-sacrifice is another quality associated with Venus in this sign. These individuals often life in an idealistic, creative, dreamy state and seek a deep connection with the world as well as those around them.

Since Pisces is also the sign of mystics and psychics, these people are often very intuitive especially when it concerns those they love. Pisces is also associated with dreams, and Pisces types often consider their dreams to be significant in life. Pisces is also associated with magic and Venus-Pisces individuals often exude a magical type of energy that is hard to define and attracts others while making them charismatic characters.

Venus in this sign is extremely idealistic. As a water sign, they do not crave the intellectual side of relationships like Libra or the materialistic, earthy side of Taurus. They rather seek a free-flowing style to love and pleasures that makes them unique and unforgettable in their own way.

Venus in the 7th house

The seventh house is associated with marriage, partnerships and ‘others.’ Its natural ruler is Libra, so Venus placed in this house is very fortunate and blesses you with the ability to attract and convince or sway others. Venus in this placement likes a partner whether in work, love or friendship. They often attract many people before settling down and Venus in the 7th is likely to marry for love unless Venus is retrograde or in hard aspect with malefic planets.


This Venus is typically easygoing and flexible and does not like to engage in arguments, disagreements or fights. They are prone toward peace-making, an important quality in any type of relationship they engage in. Love and romance come naturally to this person and they are more likely than others to be blessed with attractiveness, positive finances and an abundant life, especially when they have a partner.

Venus in the 2nd house

The second house of the natal chart rules money and finances. Venus is one of the two money planets, so Venus in this house is very fortunate. 

In terms of love, those with this placement may tend to attract individuals who are financially successful and will likely be financially solid and successful themselves unless Venus is in hard aspect. Money may come easier to them than others and they will be seldom focused on money worries. Venus in the 2nd is often associated with making money through some form of beauty, beauty product or image. It is also associated with the more feminine professions such as makeup, clothing, jewelry or businesses dealing with women in some way.


Since the second house is associated with self-worth along with income and material possessions these people don’t typically experience low self-esteem unless Venus is ‘afflicted’ in some way.

If you have Venus in this placement you are your own best asset as you believe you deserve good things in life and your self-esteem often makes this possible.

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