3 Auras & What Your Chakra Energy Color Means

What does the color of your aura mean?

3 Auras & What Your Chakra Energy Color Means Aidan Roof via @pexels

There are three types of auras, and seven layers to your chakras. Each energy or aura has a color with meaning.

Your aura is a magnetic energy field that appears in shades that surround your body, and it reveals your health physically, spiritually, and mentally.

What does your aura color mean?

What Emma Mildon said about auras describes it best: “You’re tapping into the frequency that person is operating on.”


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Knowing the color of your aura helps others and yourself to understand your emotional, spiritual, or mental state. Your three aura types are etheric, emotional, and mental, and each one of these reveals something to you.


Your aura lets you know how you’re feeling, the condition of your health and whether you’re nervous or calm. You could be around people and notice the color of your energy field.

It is to be believed that your aura has an energy field with seven main layers. Similar to feeling other’s vibes, they can sense the energy of your aura — positive and negative vibes make up the aura and its magnetic energy field.

Kirlian photography believes an aura in the shape of an “egg-shaped,” around our bodies.

Other artists depict it like a halo of light. If you don’t have special equipment to detect the colors, you can look into a mirror of your reflection. Squint your eyes softly and use your peripheral vision.


Looking away can help you find the color of your aura, rather than if you focused on looking for it too hard.

Other people’s aura could be detected much stronger than our own. If you engage in your aura, you could meditate and focus on your energy to make it more pronounced.

Colors can be duller or brighter than the others. These color layers help reveal to us if we’re under a lot of stress, and where we can heal in certain areas.

Knowing your aura color can show you where your energy lies the most. Knowing this can assist us on our journey through life by controlling our emotions, thoughts, and energy.

This can help not only with ourselves but with others.


Where there is light there is also darkness. Pay meticulously close attention to the shade of your aura, to be precise on your energy.

If you’re not attentive to the particular shade your body is giving off, you will lack taking the right path to control the vibration.

Here is what each aura color means:

Red aura color meaning

Your energy keeps you well-grounded and strong-willed. Continue to be active with your community and practice self-discipline.

Orange aura color meaning

You have an adventurous spirit. Consideration and thoughtfulness are your strengths, which will draw others towards your energy.

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Yellow aura color meaning

Creativity is a part of your energy. You seem friendly and in a state of tranquility.

Green aura color meaning

Caring for others is your main focus. Being social and a communicator comes easy to you.

Blue aura color meaning

You’re a free thinker and intuitive. Rely more on your cautiousness and your spirituality.

Indigo aura color meaning

You have a gentle vibration in your steps. Curiosity kills the cat but not you, and you seek spirituality and connection.

Violet aura color meaning

Wisdom is carried with you as well as independence. Intellectuality is strong which helps your self-esteem shine bright.

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Brilliant yellow aura color meaning

Your spiritual connection is strong and vibrant. This will connect with your thoughts as well.

Dark yellow with a tint of brown aura color meaning

You consider yourself as a student, trying to set goals and perfecting every test. Don’t get exhausted from learning and studying, so you can enjoy new knowledge.

Muddied red aura color meaning

This can reveal intense anger. Life has you intense and you’re giving off direct or passive aggression.

Clear red aura color meaning

The color can mean you’re feeling sensual and sexual. You’re passionate and powerful about your body. Confidence is your greatest tool.


Bright pink aura color meaning

Are you in a new or starting over after breaking up from a relationship? This color expresses affection, tenderness, and love for others.

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Dark pink aura color meaning

It’s unfortunate you might be feeling immaturity. You’re at risk of being in a dishonest nature, which causes trust issues between personal relationships.


Bright emerald green aura color meaning

Others will flock to you because they sense that you’re a love-centered person. Also, with your compassion, you can also help heal pain or other negative emotions.

Dark green aura color meaning

Jealousy is your worst companion. It causes you to not only blame yourself but others. Try to find the blessing in every situation.

Dark blue aura color meaning

You might be hiding in the shadows more than you realize. You’re stressed about the future or facing the truth. Learn to adhere to criticism.

Lavender aura color meaning

You are the daydreamer whom your teacher or friend tries to wake up. Imagination is your powerful resource because it helps promote powerful visions.


Use this advantage to start writing down ideas or goals you want to turn into a reality. If we wait for this color to face, then we might lose a great opportunity to express our true selves.

Silver aura color meaning

If money isn’t an issue, then you may seem secure in your finances. Besides wealth, you’re abundant and contain an illuminated mindset. Rather than ‘I believe’ it’s ‘I know.’

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