Weekly Scorpio Horoscope

Mar 1, 2021 - Mar 7, 2021

You'll walk into March with a sense of calm and of great relief. You've just been through some sort of ordeal and it's left you frazzled. The good news is that your work concerning all that is now finished, and you can begin the 'work' of relaxing.

I use the word 'work' because relaxing isn't always your strong point, however feeling positive and uplifted is, and you'll be coming into that power as the month progresses. On the 3rd, you'll experience the effect of Venus sextile Uranus, and it will last throughout the week.

This means that you'll feel extraordinarily confident at communication, and all of your words and ideas will come across with clarity and a willing reception; your audience wants more, and you really are able to give the people what they want - during this week.

What works for you this week is your natural lack of inhibition - you're not shy, nor have you ever been, and that is a trait that's going to work for you this week.

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