Weekly Scorpio Tarot Card Reading

Apr 22, 2024 - Apr 28, 2024

Strength, reversed

Traditional Meaning: Abuse of power, pushiness, weakness, rebellion, disadvantage, hopelessness, feeling undone and outdone, losing, disappointment.

Real Life Insight: We all have weeks like this one, Scorpio, so right off the top, you know you're not alone. What all this implies is that you're just overworked and a little pooped. You feel that you need some downtime and that the strength you need at this point is the strength to assert yourself.

Positive Light: What's beautiful about this reversed card is that you not only assert yourself, but you get to have some of that time off or relaxation. You've come to realize that you're the one who runs the show, and that means that what you're asking for is something you can easily create as reality if you can get up the strength to state what you want in simple terms.

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