Yearly Leo Tarot Card Reading


Past: The Emperor, reversed

The past has taught you that if you really want people to think highly of you, then you cannot 'fake it 'til you make it.' You know now that you need to become 'the real deal' and that's probably your biggest lesson of last year. You thought that you could get away with personality alone without backing up your 'story' with truth, and yet, you've come to see that people are not as stupid as you thought they were. Your 'audience' awaits your better choices.

Present: King of Pentacles, reversed

2024 has you making better choices, and while not everything you say or do is welcomed, you are recognized as someone who truly does learn from their own mistakes and is now capable of leading. You are intelligent, but you are also cunning, and your goal is not to impress others as much as it is to lead others with real, accumulated wisdom. You are the right person for the job, Leo. You are a living example of potential and growth.

Future: Nine of Pentacles, reversed

As the year progresses, things will only become better and better for you in terms of both finance and love. You may have invested your money at an earlier time of the year, and now, you see that this was indeed a wise move. While you may never be a financial genius, it certainly does look like the future rewards you in love and money, thanks to some brave moves you made earlier in the year.

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