Monthly Leo Tarot Card Reading

December 2023

Past: Death, reversed

You made a big comeback this year, Leo, and as this card implies, you showed them all. What the past reveals is that you are capable of pulling yourself out of any troublesome condition and that life is more important to you than remaining stagnant. You've come a long way this year, and during December you will be able to look back and see how well you've done.

Present: Six of Swords, reversed

Presently, you are still battling some old demons, which is fine because you're already so refined by emotional pain that you feel you can and will endure whatever is needed in order to get to the other side. Right now, you are caring for others as well and you need to stay in good shape, mentally, emotionally and physically in order to do so.

Future: Three of Pentacles, reversed

The future has you thinking twice before making any important moves. You have learned from the past that impulsivity doesn't bring you the best results, and that if you can remain patient and keen, you will be able to create for yourself the best circumstances as possible. You know what you're going, and you know that you won't be acting spontaneously.

Keywords: aforethought, meditation, discretion.

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