Monthly Leo Tarot Card Reading

February 2021

Tarot Card: The High Priestess
Generally, you know yourself as a person of insight and perception - yet doubt seems to be entering into the picture this month, Leo, with the presentation of this major arcana card.

You've always had a handle on things - and this month is no different; the only thing you need to rid yourself of is the idea that...maybe you're not as good as you once were.

That's nonsense. It's not that you'll be feeling depressed or doubtful this month, it's that you somehow sold yourself a lie.

You've come to actually believe that you're not as wonderful as you once thought.

Of course, this is all nonsense; you're as wonderful as you've ever been, which means you need to analyze what it is that's got you so upset.

If you've been hurt recently, you need to let it go.

And if you feel like your world is being uprooted, then that too must be something you pay little attention to.

Get back to your good ol' Leo self, even if it takes work. It's well worth the payment, Leo. Work on yourself.

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