Yearly Cancer Tarot Card Reading


Past: Justice, reversed

What didn't end up in your favor last year is now something you have a choice as to whether or not you wish to proceed with. What this means is that you did not get what you wanted, ultimately, and that leaves you with a choice as to whether or not you wish to pursue something that clearly was not meant to be. This is a major turning point in your life, and you start 2024 off wondering if there's any reason at all to continue with the work of the past.

Present: Ace of Wands, reversed

As it stands, the present seems to be rooted in powerful decision-making. You know who you are, and you can finally find the words and the moves to clarify this thought to those who need to believe in you. This shift of strength is extremely powerful and positive and you will see that you are a lot stronger than you ever gave yourself credit for. Today is for forward momentum and insightful maneuvers. 2024 is all about action.

Future: The Empress

It seems that all of your energy has a purpose, and you might be the only person who knows why you did and do the things you do. What is known, however, is that you will find yourself feeling very happy with your past choices and that you finally do get what you really want, which is to feel secure, loved and happily situated in a home that feels like 'you.' Your good, hard work pays off and brings you what you worked so hard to achieve.

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