Weekly Cancer Tarot Card Reading

Apr 22, 2024 - Apr 28, 2024

Ten of Swords, reversed

Traditional Meaning: Advantage, sadness, profit, loss, success, favoritism, nepotism, impermanence, unsteady situations.

Real Life Insight: That traditional meaning is way too depressing for the real-life insight that can be taken in this card, Cancer, so no worries here. What's really going on is that you have learned the hard way, and now you're ready to use some of that hard-earned knowledge to find your way back to pure positivity.

Positive Light: This card totally suggests that if one thing ends, then it opens the door to new and better things. This card represents the right of passage, and the pain you've experienced in the recent past is now a thing of the ancient past. You are born anew from your experience, and while you may have a harder shell now, you are also stronger and wiser.

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