Yearly Cancer Love Horoscope


Best Love Day: Thursday, January 4
Practice Caution On: Saturday, January 20

You start the year off with a kickstart by Mars shifting into Capricorn, activating all your deepest romantic desires. Mars rules ambition and passion, and in Capricorn, it is all about love. Regardless of your romantic status as the New Year begins, this is a month where anything can happen. Whether it's reconciliation or meeting someone new, trust your instincts and let yourself become a little wild for love.

Pluto finally shifts out of Capricorn and into Aquarius this month. This means not only are you going to be filled with more determination to create what you genuinely want, but you're also going to want to do things differently. While this energy heavily signifies a new relationship or love, it may be that you're also trying to shake things up in your current relationship. If that's the case, make sure you plan some exciting quality time doing things you never have but always wanted to so you can keep building the relationship you want instead of getting distracted by what appears shiny and new.

Best Love Day: Wednesday, February 7
Practice Caution On: Friday, February 16

Your romantic high continues into February as asteroid Ceres shifts into Capricorn, highlighting not only relationships but a feeling of unconditional love and family as you may be thinking about having children or spending more time with nieces or nephews as you explore your relationship. This brings a very solid and grounded feeling to your romantic relationship as it brings about a deep connection.

Joining Pluto in Aquarius, Venus shifts into this dynamic air sign, bringing more desire for transformation, intimacy and meaning into your life. This will not be a call that you will be able to ignore, so the best thing to do is truly honor the changes you're seeking what you're dreaming of and then pursue it with a determined heart.

Best Love Day: Monday, March 11
Practice Caution On: Sunday, March 31

As part of this new romantic chapter in your life, you've begun to realize that your dreams must matter as much as your partners, which means this month has more to do with you than love. You will still be blessed with romantic possibilities and love, but you are also shifting to trying to keep that new balance you've learned you need so that you will be giving the most energy to yourself this month.

It's also exactly what you are supposed to do, as this is the true nature of the growth you've been moving through as you learn while you adore love and being in a relationship; it's not all you want from life.

This internal focus on yourself is brought on by Venus shifting into Pisces, which has you focused on your future, as well as travel plans. Alongside asteroid Vesta, which shifts into Cancer, you will be focusing on tending to your internal flame as you feel inspired to pursue long-lost dreams and make the most of each moment. Don't worry, though, about slipping back into the past patterns. You truly are different than you were before, and that means so is your relationship.

Best Love Day: Tuesday, April 23
Practice Caution On: Monday, April 1

The month of April brings with it the Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn, lighting up your romantic sector and what you need to release or close out to make room for the new. Don't worry; this shouldn't involve any break-ups, but you may need to focus more energy on committing to this new path and relationship. It's okay if you still have feelings from past romantic situations, but don't let it stop you from going all in.

As you can let go of the past more deeply and move into a realm of receiving, the Scorpio Full Moon promises to bring a moment of pure bliss. This zodiac sign also represents commitment in relationships, specifically engagements and marriage, so something like this isn't out of the question about this time. As much as it may seem unexpected, see this as confirmation that your partner supports you in creating a life you love — they just want to be a part of it, too.

Best Love Day: Thursday, May 2
Practice Caution On: Wednesday, May 15

May brings on a slower pace as Pluto begins its retrograde in Aquarius and asteroid Ceres begins its in Capricorn. This is a chance for you to focus on what you've built so far in your romantic life, how far you've come from what you once thought love was, and to give yourself time to contemplate your next steps. For you, a slower month isn't a terrible thing, but you do need to make sure you don't slink back into any old patterns. Remember, this life is yours. Living it as authentically as you can is the only thing you need to do.

You may feel like the energy in May has you hitting a wall, but it's not. It's just that as Pluto begins its retrograde journey, you're being asked to make sure that you're really living a life based on your truth and not feeling guilty because others may have opinions about your choices. If you can spend some time away with your partner or a weekend at home together, you can feel validated in all the decisions you've made up to this point.

Best Love Day: Friday, June 21
Practice Caution On: Sunday, June 9

One of the most interesting aspects of this year is the back-to-back Capricorn Full Moons, the first of which occurs this month, followed by the second in July. Capricorn is the sign that governs your romantic relationship, and having two together means you are going to be experiencing a brilliant moment of fruition in your life. If you've been trying to gather the details of a separation or divorce, this is the time when everything will finally be finalized. If it's a new love you've been enjoying, then this energy will make your relationship feel more intense and bring a lot of opportunities for rich experiences together.

As Mars shifts into Taurus, it activates themes of community, social gatherings and friends. While this can be positive energy, it's also what in the past has helped you branch out from your relationship and feel empowered enough to take your life in a new direction. This time, the balance will be seizing the opportunities but not letting yourself disregard the relationship you have created — or that you're in the process of. It also might be a chance to reaffirm that if you're happy with your choices, you don't need anyone else to be on board.

Best Love Day: Sunday, July 21
Practice Caution On: Thursday, July 11

After June, in which you had some tests from your social circle in either new opportunities or dealing with their opinions about your life, you are more focused on what it is that you really value and need from love. This is due to Venus, the planet of love, shifting into Leo, which rules themes related to self-worth and values. While this will be a positive, it still may feel a little challenging at times as you work to ensure your efforts are in alignment with what you now know you deserve.

You have that second Capricorn Full Moon as a beacon of hope this month as well, which means that if you move through some challenging times earlier in the month, by the end of it, you will once again feel like you are precisely where you are meant to be. There may be a situation in which you have to defend or advocate your choices to others. Try not to see this as a test from the universe but only as a chance to declare to the universe that you have stepped into your full power.

Best Love Day: Friday, August 9
Practice Caution On: Wednesday, August 14

As if things haven't been going well enough in your romantic life, asteroid Juno shifts into Libra, ruler of your home and family, signifying that you could very well be moving in with your partner or, at the very least, given a specific drawer as you deepen your commitment and spend more time together. Juno is known for representing marriage, and while that still may be a bit off, this may bring some sort of stronger commitment that lets you feel like you are truly growing in all the ways you ever desired.

Despite the deepening commitment, Mercury begins its retrograde phase in Leo, which means that you once again may have to reflect on what it is you value and how you are, first and foremost, honoring yourself. It genuinely feels like the connection you've begun or are rebuilding is aligned with that, but perhaps you need to talk about how you're feeling or any concerns you are having. Don't be so quick to let fear get in the way of continuing to build this great love.

Best Love Day: Sunday, September 1
Practice Caution On: Sunday, September 22

Hopefully, as different feelings started to arise in August, you began to open up to your partner because September brings the start of the last two months of Pluto in Capricorn as it shifts back into this earth sign during its retrograde phase. Pluto in Capricorn now represents everything you don't want, but this phase feels different than the one in 2023, which lasted much longer and serves more to finish tying up those loose ends that you may have realized last month are still lingering.

Although there is self-work to do here while remaining mindful to not slip back into any past patterns, Venus, the planet of love, moves into Scorpio and highlights your sector of joy, commitment and pleasure, so the news isn't all bad. If anything, this should serve as your confirmation to keep moving away from the past in any way that you need to and continue to self-validate, knowing that the happiness you feel now is enough to know that you are precisely in alignment with the universe.

Best Love Day: Wednesday, October 2
Practice Caution On: Thursday, October 17

As October begins, the Libra Eclipse lights up your home and family, bringing some wonderful surprise moments to your life and relationship. Libra is all about balance, partnership and love. In this part of your life, you are being gifted with the opportunity to truly embrace all you've worked to create, as long as you don't let anything (or anyone) from the past tempt you. You will already know if you have been able to rebuild a relationship from the past, and if not, then embrace the saying and learn it's okay to burn some bridges, especially if you never want to cross them again.

Through all of this, you're going to return once again to yourself as Venus in Sagittarius inspires you to focus on your well-being and take whatever time you need for yourself. While this would be an excellent time to take up yoga or breathwork, you can also book a spa day to relish the love you can give yourself fully. By taking this time, especially while Pluto is now retrograde in Capricorn, you will ensure that you truly are moving forward with your life and that the only things you're giving energy to are those that are still growing.

Best Love Day: Friday, November 1
Practice Caution On: Tuesday, November 19

While there might be some challenges or bolts of lightning as the heavens rejoice, as Pluto makes its dramatic and final shift into Aquarius for the next twenty years, it will feel like a relief. Make sure you set aside time to reflect on the chapter of your life and relationship that is officially closed out. Focus on what you've learned and who you've become, and then wish them well because you don't have any use for negativity in this new phase.

Helping you to embrace the new, the New Moon in Scorpio will once again be ushering in a quiet space of peace and love as you feel genuinely connected to your partner and the new life you've created. Scorpio does bring commitment, so this is the most opportune time this year to become engaged or plan a wedding, as the old is truly closed out, so there isn't nothing holding you back from stepping into the relationship and future you've been dreaming of and using for fuel to help you conquer any obstacles.

Best Love Day: Saturday, December 7
Practice Caution On: Saturday, December 21

Capricorn Season may make you feel like things are taking off a bit too fast. Although not really challenging, it will still be a moment in which you need to check yourself. After having Pluto in Capricorn close out an entire cycle of your life, your current relationship will progress much more quickly than you anticipated, or it's that you've been together for years. Still, suddenly, it feels like you need a second honeymoon you've been through. This is all good news. Remember to keep surrendering to everything as it arises and trust, just like you have been, that everything you're receiving is what you have always deserved.

Venus, the planet of love, ends the year in Aquarius, in your sector of transformation. This doesn't mean that there is another transition year in store for you, but only a reminder that in the best relationship, you never stop growing. Now is the time to sit with your partner and plan out what you want the new year to hold for each of you, and if you're single, it's time to get out and attract what you've put in the work to achieve. You've come so far, and while it was difficult at times, you never gave up, so be proud of yourself. It's time not just to enjoy your relationship but your most authentic life because you've earned it.

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