Monthly Cancer Tarot Card Reading

April 2024

Past: Seven of Pentacles
Dedication to work pays off as it not only brings in a good living, but shows you that you are very capable of excelling in your line of work. Practice makes perfect and the past shows that you are able to stick to it and make the best out of persistence and dedication to the job at hand.

Present: Two of Swords, reversed
Your past efforts will lead you to having to make a big decision during the month of April, as all the hard work you've done has made you quite the object of interest, and you may find that you are offered new work opportunities by the handful. Choose wisely, and stick to that which feels best. If you get the hint that this is shady, then avoid it at all costs.

Future: Knight of Cups
All works out well for you, as it appears that you've not only chosen wisely, but that you're the best at what you do. The future has you delivering what you do best, and looking good at it, too! You may even find that where you go, love will follow, as this card is most definitely a message of love in the form of a person.

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