Monthly Virgo Tarot Card Reading

February 2021

Tarot Card: Page of Cups, reversed
Ordinarily, you don't second guess yourself - not when it comes to reaching out to others for help, or simply to satisfy the need for attention.

This month is one where you will need attention, and it's probably got something to do with your love interest.

What's happening, Virgo is that you're falling back on your old friend: overthinking.

You are out of touch with a peaceful mind, and it's not allowing you to see what's right before you: an opportunity for love, for peace, and for friendship.

It's apparent that someone in your life means more to you than you gave them credit for - and thinking about them has made you somewhat neurotic; you're nervous and doubtful, imagining bad endings, where there are none.

You simply have to stop second-guessing everything and trust in the universe that what you intend for, will manifest as such.

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