Monthly Virgo Tarot Card Reading

July 2021

Tarot Card: Six of Wands, reversed

Looks like you're not exempt when it comes to working tribulations for July. What's going on in your case is that you made a mistake with something work-related - but it's not a task or an expectation.

It's more along the lines of thinking you were there for a reason that turns out to be an entirely different reason than you thought.

Which, in this case, means that you will probably be asked to do something for your job that is completely NOT what you want to do. It's not inappropriate or even negative - it's just not 'you' and taking on a role that is clearly made for someone else may start to bug you, incessantly.

You might be filling in for someone temporarily, and as you do your work, you'll notice that this state of impermanence is becoming...permanent.

Say for instance you've been hired for an executive position, but you are asked to answer phones all's that kind of thing. You'll be doing work that you are not cut out for, during July.

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