Monthly Virgo Tarot Card Reading

April 2024

Past: Five of Cups, reversed
You will always have an interest in the past, as you find so much of what makes up your life to have begun in the past. You may find that April reminds you of people you once knew, and that much of the month goes to old memories and nostalgia. These are happy memories, however, and they do not drag you down.

Present: King of Swords, reversed
At present, you'll be making some very firm decision that not only affect your own life, but the lives of others. While you don't want to be too strict, you know that you're the only person around who can create the change that is absolutely necessary and as you proceed, you may find that your decisions are not as popular as you'd like them to be.

Future: Three of Swords, reversed
In the name of love, you may find that you have to sacrifice something else, and while that may bring about sadness, you will know that you're doing the right thing. The past has taught you to be strong and that there will always be conflict, especially when it comes to people and their personalities. But still, you forge on, and you will be OK for all of it, Virgo.

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