Monthly Virgo Horoscope

February 2024

Dates and transits to keep in mind: February 3, 7, 8, 9, 10, 22. You've been very adaptable lately, and you may find that your biggest 'tests' come during these transits: Venus trine Lilith, Venus square Node, Sun square Uranus, Mercury square Jupiter and Venus conjunct Mars. Don't turn your back on responsibility, Virgo.

During February of 2024, you are going to feel like a new person again, and boy, oh boy, it was that long overdue. You really paid the piper on this one, and you are not looking back. Whatever you've just come out of is about to take a radical U-Turn on you, as you'll notice that everything really is coming up roses for you, Virgo. Perhaps you had a hand in creating this new and wonderful attitude?

Trust has always been difficult for you, as you've seen so much of your world crumble at the hands of others you trusted. Betrayal takes a back seat during February 2024. This gives you the full spectrum of love and romance. The stage is set, and you are, without a doubt, the star of this show. This is a great month for you if you remain true to yourself and fully believe in your abilities.

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