Monthly Virgo Love Horoscope

December 2020

Virgo, you're the Earth goddess, the one often so concerned about healing and taking care of others that you seldom have time for yourself. Hopefully, that is something that has changed this year. Or, at least, is in the process of changing.

This year has given you a reminder that you're just as deserving as anyone else of your time, love and attention. Sometimes, you forget that you have the ability to care for yourself in the same way that you do for others. You can heal yourself more profoundly than anyone else. You know exactly the spaces to pour light into and this is your superpower.

As December dawns, this is the month when that payoff of work becomes clear. This is when you begin to see the meaning behind how we treat ourselves determines the standard to which everyone else treats us.

There will be changes because of this factor, but by now you know that those who are meant to be in your life won’t just show up; they will treat you how you deserve.

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