Yearly Virgo Tarot Card Reading


Past: Five of Cups, reversed

There's so much that you know you need to walk away from, and while some of that has to do with unrequited love, you accept this and do what is necessary. 2024 is what you think of as a new chance to set things straight. While you have become bitter thinking about things like 'resolutions,' you will see that you have no choice but to think positively about this new year. Yes, the past is dead, and it really is time to move on, so you shall.

Present: The Hierophant, reversed

Opinions on the state of the world may have you in opposition to many other people, but you may also develop a taste for this kind of debate and argument. This is not a negative thing. In fact, what it does for you right now is show you that there's more to your life than sitting around thinking about love loss and financial problems. You happen to be extraordinarily good at arguing, so much so that you could take this to a professional level if you so choose.

Future: Page of Pentacles

While you may not have envisioned yourself as the breadwinner, or certainly not the person who thinks only of money, you've come to realize that there is room in your life for this kind of thinking and that is exactly what paves the way to a future where, yes, you can look forward to riches and the accumulation of fortune. The concept of believing in yourself as a 'gold mine' may be new to you, but it is certainly possible.

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