Monthly Libra Tarot Card Reading

March 2021

Tarot Card: Six of Cups

Well, at least someone's having a good time this month, Libra. Love is in the air, and so is accomplishment.

The two of them together spell a fulfilling love affair. Anticipate romantic dinners and outings...but also know this, your romance may very well be with yourself. Self-love is prevalent for you in March, and that is nothing to scoff at.

You've worked long and hard to get to the place in your life where things don't automatically get to you; you've developed into quite a stable person - must be that Libra 'balancing scales' thing, eh?

Nonetheless, if you're not partnered, then you will find solace in your own company. You know who you are and who you have grown into being; that took a lifetime's worth of work, and you're not about to let go of that confidence any time soon.

March will make a very attractive figure out of you, as your confidence and self-esteem will also act as a magnet to attract the attention of other people.

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