Monthly Libra Horoscope

August 2021

Oh, how you are going to benefit from Jupiter, as it works your house of productivity and success. It's all about the job this month, and now is the time to make the money.

You've got Mars pumping you up and Mercury backing your words - you can do this, Libra. You can work your magic and snag yourself that ideal job - this month - if you so choose. That's where you have to wake up and make a decision: Are you an observer - or are you a participant in your own life?

You may have been an observer, afraid to take that chance and regretting your decision to hold off - but July is knocking at your door with fresh possibility, and the lesson here is for you to take that chance and improve your work situation.

Fear of the unknown only holds you back, imprisons you in your own doubt. Be fearless - take that chance and grab what's coming to you.

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