Monthly Libra Love Horoscope

December 2020

Libra, your month will start off with a moment of decision in which it feels like years have gone into this fruition. Thank the Lunar Eclipse in Gemini for this energy that will help you realize the moment you’re waiting for us actually here.

This is sometimes something that you miss. You tend to be so wrapped up in the details and preparing for this moment that you miss when it finally arrives, because it looks different than you expected. Nothing in life will ever look exactly like you have imagined, but that’s because you can’t always imagine how good it can get.

Even though you try to remain balanced, that means talking yourself out of believing the best. But with the end of this year, you have to believe just that.

Let this Lunar Eclipse help you decide to follow your optimism and bliss. Believe the best is possible, and trust that it's exactly what you will receive.

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