Monthly Libra Love Horoscope

December 2023

Best Love Day: Thursday, December 21

Leading Energy: Capricorn Season, ruler of your domestic sector

This is the moment you've been waiting for. Just as you may have wondered when it would be time for the next steps of growth, you are being called to start implementing and reflecting on the changes to your life you've been considering.

While Mercury will also be retrograde in Capricorn this month, there is still the chance for some proactive action in your domestic sector as you embrace the ability to go back and make the decisions necessary to ensure the future will be completely different.

Much of what you thought you were creating years ago no longer fits or resonates with your truth, and now, as you ready yourself to move through the new eclipse cycle in your zodiac sign and of Aries for the next two years, you're no longer scared of change. You believe in yourself so much more than you ever have before, which means that you also deserve to have a relationship that will truly fulfill all your needs.

Capricorn energy in this part of your life wants to create a solid foundation, which means meaningful conversations, transparency and compromise will be key factors in your romantic life. Remember you are in charge of this new phase of your life, so make it everything you have ever dreamed of.

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