Weekly Virgo Horoscope

Mar 1, 2021 - Mar 7, 2021

Let's just put it this way - this week, the first week of March 2021, is going to have you not wanting to go to work, at all.

You will be tempted to play hooky, and just sit around and binge TV all day.

You just can't shake that lazy feeling, and it may also give you an arrogant edge; try not to let this feeling take over, as it will affect your love life as well.

If there's anything that could go wrong or blow up between you and your partner - or a close friend - then it's going to happen this week if you don't keep your manners in check.

You're going to be feeling ornery and nitpick this week - you may start fights with people you care about simply because they're in your line of vision.

Do yourself a favor and go to work. Just grin and bear it, knowing that you're really preventing things at home from going awry.

This is also a week where if you're not smart, you'll make a fool out of yourself, and the degree of damage you'll do is completely up to you. Be careful with your attitude.

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