Monthly Leo Love Horoscope

December 2020

As a Fire sign, Leo, you will feel on top of the world and excited about what next year has in store, thanks to Sagittarius Season, a fellow Fire sign.

But don’t forget that we can’t fast-forward to only the parts we want to focus on. We also have to deal with what is in front of us or even within us.

For a sign that is ruled by the Sun and heart, you surprisingly seem to run from the truth more often than not. Or, should we say the unpretty, messy self-work? As much as you love creating beauty, on the outside of your life, this year has asked you to create that same appeal on the inside.

As you end this year, it’s about looking within at all the pieces you try to place on others as their burden, and instead, own it. Own your healing, your darkness, your work, and realize that true beauty is the ability to not run from what makes you human.

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