Weekly Leo Love Horoscope

Nov 30, 2020 - Dec 6, 2020

As a Fire sign, Leo, you will feel the urgency of this Eclipse almost as strongly as Sagittarius. But for you, this Lunar Eclipse in Gemini asks you to make hard and fast decisions about the truth of what you feel.

This is not necessarily your forte, even though you’re known for following your heart; it’s not always based in stable emotions, but often more fleeting. Well, that was before this year.

During the past few months, especially since those Double Cancer New Moons this summer, you’ve really been asked to step deeply into your feelings, beyond what is convenient and into what is real. It’s time to learn these lessons; otherwise, you’ll have no one to blame for your unhappiness but you.

While getting comfortable in your real feelings is a big part of this, another is you allowing yourself to dream a new dream. To let go of what you thought normal was or how you had to live, and instead give yourself permission to have it all.

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