May 2023 Love Horoscopes Change Relationships For All Zodiac Signs

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monthly love horoscopes may 2023

Your monthly love horoscope for May 2023 is here with predictions for all zodiac signs in astrology. This month love and relationships change in amazing ways thanks to the Full Moon eclipse in Scorpio on May 5, 2023. There will be some cutting off of toxic ties, and that's because something new and better is around the corner.

We get a clean slate when it comes to love this May, especially people born with zodiac signs Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius and Leo. The New Moon in Taurus on May 19, 2023 ushers in fresh energy, and we are ready for love because Mercury stations direct on the 14th, so there's time to mentally prepare for what is coming next.

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This May, we feel more grounded. We learn to balance passion and stability in our personal lives and in the relationships we have with others. Thankfully, the eclipse portal closes this month too, and it becomes a bit easier to manifest something in your life after the first week of May. Maybe you want to manifest a soulmate or healing and happiness if you're newly single after a bad breakup.

May teaches us that every delay is only a moment the universe is always conspiring in your favor because there is nothing more divine love than a love story you were patient enough to create. Let's see how this affects each zodiac sign's love horoscope for the month.

Monthly love horoscope for all zodiac signs for May 2023:


(March 21 - April 19)

Best Love Day: Friday, May 19th

In the past few months, you have had numerous opportunities to see things differently, yet you still struggle with seeing the worst in yourself, especially when it comes to big decisions in your love life. You tend to shoulder the burden of those decisions and blame yourself for wanting to transform.

But this is a natural part of life, and you cannot be expected to know everything beforehand. The kinder you are to yourself, the better choices you will make, particularly concerning your romantic life. As the New Moon in Taurus approaches, it is an opportunity for a new beginning, a chance to stop punishing yourself for your growth.

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(April 20 - May 20)

Best Love Day: Friday, May 5th

Growth is a continuous process that never ends. There is always a new horizon to explore and a deeper truth to discover. You are no longer in the space of avoiding difficult truths just to maintain peace and comfort in your relationship.

You now realize that to experience the joy and love you seek, you must endure moments that challenge your sense of stability. With the Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, you will be able to release your fears and embrace what is real, feeling empowered to face whatever comes your way.

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(May 21 - June 20)

Best Love Day: Saturday, May 20th

The words you use are important, but it's not just speaking that matters; it's expressing what's truly important. Rather than doubting yourself and hesitating to initiate conversations or take action, consider how long you've held your feelings.

You often sit with your emotions for longer than necessary to ensure you can trust them before acting. However, with Mars moving into fiery Leo this month, you'll find it easier to speak from the heart about what matters most. You just need to let go of your self-doubt.

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(June 21 - July 22)

Best Love Day: Sunday, May 7th

When one feels good about themselves, love becomes easier. When fulfillment is found within one's life, it is easier to embrace the relationship. You have recently been going through a phase of expansion, moving into new ways of living and experiencing new opportunities.

Because of this, you have not been as focused on your romantic life. However, as Venus, the planet of love, returns to your zodiac sign, you will find greater love and compassion for yourself, and be more tender and caring towards your partner. Even in the best relationships, there are seasons, and it is important to learn to weather them together.

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(July 23 - August 22)

Best Love Day: Monday, May 1st

You've always longed for something more when it comes to love, and now you feel ready to embrace what that truly means for you. It's tempting to be swept up in the idea of a picture-perfect love — one that looks good on the surface and has others' approval. However, appearances can be deceiving, and just because something looks good doesn't mean it actually feels good.

What you truly need is a relationship that ignites a fire within you, rather than one that simply fills a role in your life. To achieve this, you must first focus on yourself and examine the beliefs or truths that have guided your romantic decisions thus far.

Pluto shifted into Aquarius a few months ago, giving you greater freedom to do just that. Now, as Pluto begins its first retrograde journey in Aquarius, it's time to clear out what's not working. This could mean letting go of long-held beliefs or even situationships that no longer serve your best interests. Make a vow to yourself that you will never settle for less than what you truly deserve, and you will create the space for the kind of love that sets your heart ablaze.

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(August 23 - September 22)

Best Love Day: Sunday, May 7th

You have a tendency to prioritize healing, bringing light and love to your partner, and helping them in any way possible. While these qualities are admirable, it often comes at the expense of your own goals and desires. You may stay quiet and believe that love requires self-sacrifice, but it's important to remember that you need to care for yourself too.

The Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, occurring this month, brings clarity to your heart and encourages you to speak up for yourself. It reminds you that you are deserving of expressing your feelings and needs, and it allows you to embrace a healthier way of loving that doesn't involve sacrificing your own well-being.

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(September 23 - October 22)

Best Love Day: Tuesday, May 16th

Believing in the enormity of love often leads to its realization. When you have faith in the process and the personal transformation that comes with it, you create an environment conducive to manifestation. Over the past few months, you have been working to heal your past relationship wounds to open yourself up to love, and this has unknowingly improved your relationship.

This month, Jupiter, the planet of abundance, moves into Taurus, encouraging you to embrace the safety and security of your relationship. You will experience the rewards of a deeper emotional, mental, and physical connection with your partner, allowing you to delve even further and shed the belief that you are unworthy of such love.

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(October 23 - November 21)

Best Love Day: Sunday, May 21st

The inevitability of change is something that you must accept, even if it does not occur within your desired timeframe. You can still have a relationship that balances both stability and passion, but it may come together in its own way. Recently, your faith has been tested as you struggled to fully believe in the possibility of the relationship you desire. Although you feel it in your heart, your mind has been clouded with doubts from the past.

However, with the upcoming New Moon in Taurus at the end of the month, it is time to step out of your head and start sowing the seeds for a new beginning. You will feel more grounded and optimistic, understanding that a big comeback is always possible, especially when you practice patience in love and with yourself throughout the process.

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(November 22 - December 21)

Best Love Day: Friday, May 5th

Sometimes, the best moments in love aren't just those where you embrace the joy and passion of intimate connections. They are the moments that wake you up to a better version of yourself. Truth can pour in, helping you face your darkness or challenges so that you can improve yourself first. Of course, this is always where any relationship growth begins, but it can be challenging because facing the harder parts of yourself is never easy.

At the beginning of the month, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio will occur, giving you a chance to see the full truth. Sudden realizations, exposed secrets, and newfound awareness within yourself will all help you grow, so you can choose the love that's best for you and not your wounds.

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(December 22 - January 19)

Best Love Day: Sunday, May 7th

By releasing fears about the past resurfacing, space is created for joy and love to flourish. A phase of relationship healing and addressing past wounds have been traversed, even if it has been challenging and arduous at times. The other side of this process has now been reached, where a stronger connection and greater love can be experienced.

This month, Venus returns to Cancer, providing an opportunity to focus on healing and nurturing the relationship and home life. You will recognize that you have autonomy over the relationship and the fears that previously hindered you can now be left behind.

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(January 20 - February 18)

Best Love Day: Friday, May 19th

This month, an opportunity to embrace new beginnings within your relationship presents itself with the New Moon in Taurus. There is nothing wrong with seeking stability and security in your life. It is important to give yourself what you desire and not always make sacrifices for the sake of being different. The middle ground may be something you have not yet considered, but it is worth exploring. 

During this time, you will be able to focus on the simple pleasures that come from sharing domestic intimacy with your partner. Finding joy in these moments can bring a deeper sense of connection and contentment to your relationship. Allow yourself to fully embrace this energy and see where it takes you.

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(February 19 - March 20)

Best Love Day: Sunday, May 7th

When you enjoy love for what it is, instead of what you want it to be, it becomes easier. It is important to acknowledge that your dreams may already be coming true, as living in a dream world may prevent you from seeing how your relationship is manifesting in your life.

In the month of May, Venus, the planet of love, will shift into Cancer, allowing you to feel more comfortable and at ease in the simple pleasures of life. You will embrace the moments of imperfection and messiness that come with real life, ultimately leading to a deeper connection with your partner. This is a significant lesson as living solely in a dream world may prevent you from appreciating the amazing aspects of your real life.

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Key dates for the month of May 2023

Monday, May 1st

You must be willing to see what is not working. What remains unhealthy or toxic despite anything that you have healed or grown in within yourself? Pluto recently entered Aquarius in March and as it begins its first retrograde in this new sign, you will be asked to focus on your relationship and whether it aligns with your values and dreams.

It is addictive to think one day your relationship will transform into something healthy, but there is a clear difference between someone that is trying and growing versus someone who only does it superficially, so they don’t lose you. Learn to tell the difference and you will be able to make the changes you seek.

Tuesday, May 2nd

Sometimes it is not that your partner has changed, but that you have. Juno, the asteroid that governs commitment and marriage shifted into an adaptable and evolving Gemini today. This can make you feel greater uncertainty in your relationship as it feels like something has changed that you cannot quite put your finger on.

While it can help you look at things from a new perspective it may also make you search for a problem that does not necessarily exist. If indeed it, is you who has changed, give yourself time to see whether it is permanent or even if your partner can grow with you before making any sudden decisions.

Deep down you will inherently know the truth and as Pallas shifts into Leo alongside Juno into Gemini, it will help you find your inner resolve to adore and fight for what it is you feel is right. It may be that you end up fighting for yourself and your freedom from something you are realizing is increasingly toxic, or it may be that you end up taking up arms to protect yourself and your partner’s relationship against outside influences. Give yourself time to process and reflect but trust your instincts.

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Friday, May 5th

The Eclipse Portal closes today as the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio lights up your romantic life. This is all about shining the light of truth into your relationship with the understanding that you may not be where you are meant to be any longer. It is time to take what you have learned, especially in the month since the last Full Moon in Libra in April which was all about balance within your relationship and look for what truth is being shown to you.

It will be so bright and so obvious; you can no longer hide from it. Mercury is still retrograde so themes around safety and stability will be arising too, but it can feel slower making decisions or even formulate a plan for what comes next. As much as this lunation will help show you the truth, you may need time to create a plan for what comes next which is okay. If you are working towards living your truth, you are in the light.

Sunday, May 7th

Love should want to return home after a long journey. It should nurture you, comfort you and be your respite away from the rest of the world. Love is not rollercoasters of emotions or becoming fixated on only stepping out together for electric nights on the town. It is soft, stable, and committed.

Today, Venus returns to the sign of Cancer and helps you return home to what it is that you truly need from love. You will fall into the spaces where home feels like it resides for you, whether your relationship is a source of peace or a constant battle. When you are in a state of chaos within your relationship, you also are teaching your nervous system to equate that with love. It is time to relax in peace, into what ease feels like within your heart and body because even if your relationship does not feel like home – you can always create one within yourself.

Sunday, May 14th

Great love takes time. Being confident in your decision takes time and creating plans together can often be a slow process. There is a benefit in surrendering to the slowness, though, in witnessing what arises. To hold all possibilities at once and see what you have been unable to.

Today as Mercury turns direct since it first turned retrograde when the eclipse portal opened in April, you will feel greater confidence in making those relationship decisions that first arose last month. Mercury retrograde in Taurus was about bringing greater comfort, safety, and security within your relationship through plans and important conversations. Now that this planet is turning direct, you should also feel a clear return that will allow you to take the first step forward.

Tuesday, May 16th

Everything in the universe now is guiding you to practice patience. Even with the Eclipse Portal opening last month, Mercury turned retrograde at the very same time indicating you were going to have to go slow and reflect before moving ahead. It is not that things may be awful, but to build that relationship or prepare yourself for one, it takes patience.

Today, Jupiter, the planet of abundance, shifts into Taurus representing a time when fulfillment is guaranteed but only through patience, hard work, and diligence. You cannot give up on your dream of having a healthy relationship just because of the time it takes to meet someone or even build a connection.

You cannot give up on your relationship just because it is taking more time to get together than you would have liked. Patience is rewarded with this energy, proving to you that the best of rewards always awaits you after the most difficult of journeys.

Friday, May 19th

Even in the most committed long-term relationships, there is a need for new beginnings. Whether it is a new way of relating or even loving one another. New beginnings are not just promised for those who are looking to manifest the love they desire, but also for those who are already in a relationship and are preparing to evolve or create change together.

Today, the New Moon in Taurus peaks ushering in this time for you as you are feeling a draw to start fresh based on what it is that you genuinely want within your life. This can be a moment of newness for older relationships or the breakthrough for new love. Focus on what you need to feel not just safe and secure within your relationship but also experience the greatest joy and pleasure.

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Saturday, May 20th

When flexibility meets passion an unstoppable force is created. This is precisely what energy begins to filter in today as the Sun moves into Gemini beginning a new zodiac season and Mars, the planet of determination, enters enthusiastic Leo. The beginning of the month began slowly for relationships as you were called to take your time in making plans and reflecting on past romantic lessons.

Now as Mercury has left retrograde and Mars is once again feeling more at home within the fire sign of Leo, it is time to take all you have learned and move passionately ahead. This is an action-orientated energy that is arriving which on the heels of the New Moon in Taurus will have you actively seeking out that beginning, no matter how small or big it might be. You will be feeling more in tune with your heart and will seek to fulfill its desires at any cost, especially if it also brings a greater sense of stability and pleasure into your life – which of course is always what your romantic relationship should provide.

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