Each Zodiac Sign's Pluto In Aquarius Horoscopes Starting March 23, 2023

The time to declare your freedom is now.

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Today begins a monumental shift in astrology that will be in effect until 2043 as Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld, shifts into Aquarius for the first time in over two hundred years. The rarer an astrological event is, the more powerful it becomes for you. In this case, Pluto’s shift into the dynamic air sign of Aquarius represents a time for you to embrace all the unknown as hopeful possibilities.  


No one has been around for the era of Pluto in Aquarius, defined by freedom. The last time Pluto was in Aquarius, the United States of America signed the Declaration of Independence. It is a powerful force that pushes boundaries, norms, and restrictions to enable you and the collective to embrace the life destined for them.  

The Age of Aquarius represents an astrological age due to the Earth's procession. It is one that many astrologers argue over when it specifically has or will occur based on the diverse ways to calculate it. However, because the Plutonian eras had such a profound and extended effect on your life, it is agreed that whether traditional or not – this is inducing the beginning of your Age of Aquarius.  


Pluto is known as the lord of the underworld because it rules over all that is unseen. This planet, technically a dwarf planet, rules all matter connected to your subconscious, unconscious, intuition, truth, secrets, lies, dreams and even your emotions. This planet holds your truth and may be responsible for exposing your lies. It works to transform everything in your life from the inside out as you learn that what you keep most to yourself is also what has the most power over you.  

While no one specifically knows what to expect with this Pluto return in Aquarius, it is picking up where Saturn left off. Saturn, the lord of time and karma responsible for many soul lessons, just recently left Aquarius after a three-year journey through this rebellious air sign. Now as Saturn leaves, Pluto returns.



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Pluto in Aquarius represents independence, freedom, exploration, adventure, and a truth that can never be denied. This is a time to push yourself, and the boundaries of your life from what you were told was possible to what is. To embrace this energy, it is important to look up specifically where Aquarius or Pluto is found in your natal chart, as that will give you the best idea of what to look for.  

While this week is a crucial step in a new journey, it is also important to remember that it does not happen overnight when outer planets like Pluto shift. Pluto will shift into Aquarius on March 23rd, 2023, and remain direct until May 1st when it turns retrograde

From May 1st until June 11th, it will retrograde in Aquarius before reentering Capricorn. Pluto will remain in Capricorn until January 20th, 2024, when it will reenter Aquarius until September 1, 2024. Then it is just a brief time in Capricorn while retrograding from September 1st until November 19th, 2024. 

It will remain in Aquarius from November 19th, 2024, to March 8th, 2043. When looking at your own life and how change is happening, it is important to remember the dance that Pluto will do until next year because you will see the same pattern within your own life. Change does not happen overnight, especially when it is connected to greater freedom and, in this case, while you are just beginning the next leg of your journey, it will bring profound transformation.  


Pluto In Aquarius For Each Zodiac Sign Beginning March 23rd, 2023 


(March 21 - April 19)  

Area of Focus: Community  

Aquarius rules your eleventh house in astrology, representing a community, social circles, hope, and feeling connected to the collective. This transit will have you transforming your goals and ideals for life as well as challenging you to find the most authentic version of yourself. This realization can change those you are close to in your life because if you do not know who you are, you cannot know what you need.  

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(April 20 - May 20) 

Area of Focus: Career 


The tenth house in your natal chart is ruled by Aquarius, which means as Pluto takes its first flight here, you will see the greatest action. During this time, momentous changes will occur within your professional life. Whether you change jobs or fields or even begin your own business, this is a time for you to figure out what it is that really excites you within your life so that you can create the space to do more of it.  

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(May 21 - June 20) 

Area of Focus: Expansion 

In your natal chart, the ninth house rules all matters about expansion. This includes education, philosophy, travel, adventure and even spirituality. As Pluto in Aquarius begins its reign here, you can expect that your beliefs and way of life will be challenged. Your dramatic transformation will be to listen to your higher calling, whether telling you to go back to school or move across the world for only a dream you see.  


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(June 21 - July 22) 

Area of Focus: Transformation 

The eighth house rules over transformation, intimacy, shared finances and sex. As Pluto shifts into Aquarius, this art of your chart is activated and will provide the space for the biggest transformation in the years to come. This represents a period of rebirth in which you can finally deal with what has remained buried or unknown for a long time. There is a merging of truths that will let you create your new reality.  

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(July 23 - August 22) 

Area of Focus: Relationships 


Aquarius is the zodiac sign that rules over your seventh house, part of your chart representing love, romance, and relationships. Pluto in Aquarius means there will be complete upheaval in your thoughts about love and relationships. This is to help you discover what is most authentic for you so that you and your partner can create your blueprint for love.

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(August 23 - September 22) 

Area of Focus: Wellness 

During this time, it will become crucial to reflect on how the habits and routines within your life contribute to your overall well-being. You will need to advocate for yourself and spend time doing what you love to avoid becoming a martyr. During Pluto’s reign in Aquarius, which activates these themes through the sixth house, you will have to finally heal yourself to live a life that benefits you.  


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(September 23 - October 22) 

Area of Focus: Pleasure 

Aquarius rules your fifth house, known for ruling pleasure within your life. It also includes joy, self-expression, creativity, marriage, and children. As Pluto uncovers the truth in this area of your life, you will further explore your inner child healing that will transform how you view love, relationships, and life. This allows a more honest viewpoint of everything, creating more opportunities for pleasure and joy.  

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(October 23 - November 21) 


Area of Focus: Home 

The fourth house of your natal chart rules healing, roots, family, and home matters. Because this is the area Aquarius rules for you, it means that as Pluto enters this unfamiliar territory, it will help bring about truth and change. Pluto in Aquarius will help you see the truth within these themes and help you embrace your inner power to advocate for yourself and build a home and life that is truly based on your needs and desires. You can deepen your healing to find freedom from what has held you back.  

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(November 22 - December 21) 

Area of Focus: Communication 


There is nothing more you love than pursuing the truth, which Pluto in Aquarius is about to initiate for you. Aquarius governs your third house, which is all about communication within yourself and your conversations with others. During this time, you can see people for who they are, and you will also be going through a transformational process regarding who you identify as. This is about you embodying and living your truth so proudly that your life becomes your legacy.  

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(December 22 - January 19) 


Area of Focus: Value 

The second house rules value in your natal chart. Also, the sector Aquarius rules over. As Pluto shifts into this unconventional air sign, you will focus on your resources, material relationship, finances and even those things and people contributing to a greater sense of value. Pluto in Aquarius transforms how you make money and utilize your financial resources giving you greater confidence and freedom in your life.  

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(January 20 - February 18) 

Area of Focus: Self  

While Pluto is in Aquarius, your sense of identity will be reshaped and transformed. Aquarius represents the first house about self, needs, wants and beliefs. As Pluto moves into this new area of your life, you will uncover what makes you who you are. You will embody a greater truth and be able to step into a more authentic version of yourself. This is when you live aloud and abide by no one’s rules but your own.  


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(February 19 - March 20) 

Area of Focus: Intuition 

Aquarius is the head of your twelfth house, which is the house of your subconscious. In this space, Pluto becomes at home here as you are invited to reflect on what you are still carrying that no longer is serving you. This will deal with matters of the past, endings, wounds and even karma from this life and past lives. As you move through this phase, you will face your healing head-on and be able to move towards a life that is aligned with your soul contract.  

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