What Love Is Like For A Cancer Zodiac Sign, Per Astrology

What Love Is Like For A Cancer Zodiac Sign, Per Astrology

If you are a Cancer woman or if you have ever had any type of relationship with one, then you know that when they love, they love deeply.

Cancer women are intuitive, sentimental, loyal and emotional.

Her natural ability to understand her partner and tend to his needs without having to ask questions makes her even more incredible. All of these traits will be heightened when they finally find a man who realizes their worth and treats them accordingly.

1. When she's in love, she will give her all.

All her life she has been a giver, never asking for much in return. Just the thought of him will make her smile, and his physical appearance will set her soul on fire. Getting her to this vulnerable state is no easy task.

She can be difficult to read, and her lover is often trying to figure out how she is feeling. Cancer women can be quiet, mostly sticking to themselves and others they trust in. They only put their trust in a few, so not many will ever get a glimpse into their beautiful minds.

2. Even when asked what she is thinking, she still hesitates to be direct.

She beats around the bush and tries to downplay her true feelings. This mysterious nature of hers doesn’t always play in her favor.

Men in her life can get frustrated because they get tired of not knowing where she stands. A Cancer woman does not intend to elicit this reaction from them, but she genuinely struggles with being vulnerable.

3. If she's been hurt too many times in the past, she will proceed with caution when it comes to love.

She must feel comfortable being herself, her usual fear of being judged thrown out the window. If you’re reading this, then you’re in for quite a ride. You are about to get the inside scoop on the most challenging zodiac sign to get to know. A Cancer.

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As previously mentioned, Cancer zodiac sign are great at understanding their significant other and catering to their needs. But what most people including her lover would never guess is that she struggles to understand herself.

As a Cancer woman myself, I know all too well how it feels when we’re in love. Our emotions change before we fully get a chance to process them which makes it hard to convey exactly how we feel to our significant other.

4. We are conflicted as our hearts and minds are in constant battle with each other.

In our hearts we know that he treats us right, and that there is nowhere else we would rather be, but then we still find ourselves thinking negatively.

5. Our mind wonders if we are really in love.

If his intentions are really pure and if we really deserve to be this happy. It can be overwhelming. We worry that our inner conflict will scare our lover away and that we might not get a chance to experience this kind of love again.

It just seems too good to be true. At some point a Cancer horoscope will realize that she must put her fear aside and spend some time soul searching. She must acknowledge what she is feeling and try to find the source of her confliction. 

But she most likely won’t… because she is a giver and a good majority of her happiness comes from helping others.  

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6. Cancer women give more than they receive.

When in love, Cancers find joy in giving their all to their significant other. It is said that she will have little to no care for her own satisfaction.

I’m here to tell you that this isn’t always true. By the time a Cancer woman has decided that she is in love with you, she will expect you to realize how much she puts into nurturing the relationship.

She will want to see that same amount of time and effort poured back into her. She may not say it out loud, but she wants you to show her that her effort isn’t going unnoticed. She has spent her whole life giving without expecting anything in return.

At some point she will feel the backlash from that. She will think about all the times that she has helped you and others when you needed it the most, but never had a helping hand when she needed it the most.

7. Cancer women feel unappreciated as anyone else would.

But since she is known for giving and giving nobody ever thinks about her wants and needs. She starts to wonder if giving her all to everyone else was worth it. But she will brush the feeling off and convince herself that it’s not a big deal.

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You will find that although she brushes things off all the time, that she cares a lot. A lot more than she is willing to admit. Dates, plans, forgot her important date A cancer woman will pretend that nothing bothers her.

8. She wears her calm mask well.

But in her mind, she is ever so slightly cursing you out when you mess up. She enjoys spending quality time with her lover and she likes to go places that are romantic.

If you ever planned a date and then showed up late, she might have said “it’s ok”, but it really wasn’t. If you ever forgot an important date to her and you apologized and found a way to make it up, she might have accepted the apology and the make-up, but she was still hurt.

9. Apologies can make or break the relationship.

Her astrology makes it hard for a Cancer woman has a hard time understanding how you don’t seem to catch this. If you payed attention to her like she did to you, then you would just know that certain things really bother her.

She shouldn’t have to accept apologies for actions you know could’ve been avoided. But she has become used to people taking advantage of her caring nature. She will continue to accept the apologies for as long as she possibly can but trust she won’t forget how she felt in those moments when you seemed to take her for granted.

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She will forgive you, but she will never forget. A Cancer woman still remembers her first crush and her first heartbreak, even if she was only in kindergarten. Her memory is one of the sharpest out there.

10. She can't help herself. She holds grudges.

So even when you think she has let it go, just know she really hasn’t. A Cancer woman realizes that forgiving others benefits her. This may sound a little crazy to some, but by forgiving her lover she is able to let go of any negative energy she was giving to that situation.

She is ultimately protecting her peace. This strengthens the relationship because she and her significant other don’t have to worry about having the same conversations over and over based on issues that were never resolved in the past.

11. She has inner strength.

She is much stronger and much more mature than she gets credit for. But this doesn’t mean that if you upset or hurt her that she will simply give you a pass. She is playing those moments over and over in her head when she lays down at night.

As a Cancer woman she can’t help but to make a note of all the times she has chosen to forgive you, wondering if the next time will be the last. While she may know she is nearing her breaking point, she will use her will to think otherwise.

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A Cancer woman will be so over heels in love with you that she will choose to ignore her gut instinct. Over time she starts to see signs from her partner that suggest that they will not be a healthy fit.

11. She knows that she needs to leave, but she will choose to stay.

She will convince herself that the good definitely outweighs the bad. Cancer women are highly imaginative. She has fantasized about being in love for as long as she could remember.

She has already pictured the wedding and the number of kids you’ll will have. This makes her happy. She won’t easily give up the moments where she feels purely overfilled with joy, even if they are short lived.

12. As a Cancer woman she will do anything to get her fairytale ending.

This includes denying that maybe her significant other really isn’t the right choice for her. She thinks that if she just sticks it out then maybe things will get better, and he gut instinct which tells her that she should leave will go away. She knows that she should put more trust in herself than she does in others, but she won’t.

13. A Cancer woman is complex.

She will give you more than you could have ever imagined in a relationship. She goes above and beyond when she is in love. Her ability to understand her partner is one of the most important qualities she possesses.

And while it is great that she can tend to the needs of others so effortlessly, don’t think that she doesn’t need to be tended to as well. Pay attention to the things that bother her and push her to acknowledge her feelings every chance you get.

She might not always understand how she is feeling, she might not always act like she cares, she might always choose to forgive you, and she might always choose to stay, but don’t settle for what she is known to do. Use this knowledge to fight for her the way she fights for you.

Treat her the way she deserves to be treated. A Cancer woman in love is a beautiful thing to witness, enjoy the experience but don’t take advantage of it.

Alexis George is a writer who covers love, relationship advice, astrology and personality topics.