4 Secrets To Making A Cancer Love You Forever

Everything you need to know to capture that beautiful crab.

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I’m a Cancer (snap snap, those are my claws).

Before I started reading the daily horoscopes in my local newspaper growing up, I figured I was just an introverted jerk who took things too personally and really liked to decorate my bedroom.

But then I learned about astrology and discovered that I wasn’t just some weirdo, I was part of a tribe.

Cancers get a bad rap. Others describe us as hard to get to know, and overly emotional and oh my God Becca please stop crying it is just a dog food commercial.


But the truth is that our deep wellspring of feeling makes us great partners. No one will look after you the way a Cancer will. We love fiercely, and if we had our way, we love for life.

As for sex, well, we’re bangarang in the sack especially when we feel connected to our partner which is mostly always. We’re big on connection. Giggity.

On one level getting a Cancer to love you forever isn’t hard. If I wanted to be glib I’d say the way to get a Cancer love to you forever is just show up and want that.

But of course it is a little more complicated.

1. Be Patient


Cancers love to feel love, but we hate being hurt. That’s where our little crustacean shell comes in.

We fiercely protect ourselves from pain because we feel it more keenly than other signs. If you want us to love you forever, be patient.

Cancers love to fall in love, but it takes us a while to realize when something is real. This can feel confusing, but it’s a confusion worth riding out.

2. Be Cuddly


A Cancer loves spooning more than flowers (but not more than boxes of chocolates).

It doesn’t have to be a sexual touch either. Touch her arm when you’re talking, brush her hair out of her face, pat her back as you cross a room.

The physicality reminds her that you are real and you aren’t going anywhere. Cuddles sustain a Cancer.

3. Be Respectful of Her Space


A Cancer will love you to the moon and back, but she needs to be able to get away from you and everyone else too.

Cancers are true introverts. In order to be our best selves we need to go crawl under a rock and do needlepoint or read or binge watch Netflix while our social juices restore.

We’re a lot like iPhones: totally the best when we’re on, but you’ve got to keep a charger handy.

4. Be Old School


I have never met a Cancer who wasn’t all about romance. We might pretend not to be, hell we might not even be used to it after some time in the trenches of modern romance.

Buy us flowers, write us a letter, make us a playlist, it doesn’t have to be much. We’ll be yours for life.