8 Reasons Cancer Women Are The Best Women To Love

Cancer women are watery and deeply emotional.

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Women with a Cancer Sun sign are born between June 21 and July 22. Cancer is represented by the Crab, and as the fourth sign of the Zodiac, Cancer women have a soul that cares deeply for others.

Deeply intuitive and emotional, this Water sign is ruled by the Moon. Just like the Moon will wax and wane, so does a Cancer woman's moods. This feminine and empathetic individual is also Cardinal sign, meaning they initiate change.


Cancer Woman: Overview

The Cancer woman personality is nurturing, loyal, emotional, and selfless. Cancer women, in particular, care deeply about those close to them, and even show sympathy to those they don’t know.

Her love is so deep that she wears it as armor, strong enough to care not only for herself, but everyone around.

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In fact, a Cancer woman has the deepest appreciation imaginable for family, friends and home. And those who succeed in wooing her join her on life’s journey, never having to worry about feeling safe and secure at all times. She’s straightforward with her emotions as well, so those around will understand what she’s feeling.

Despite her readiness to express herself, this can come with repercussions, as she tends to overreact. Any criticism or overly emotional situation sends her reeling, and becomes something she cannot move past.

In addition, Cancer women are moody due to their complex emotions. This causes them to retreat into themselves. And should someone make them angry or betray them, they are incredibly vengeful and will go after those who wronged them.

Cancer Woman Personality Traits

While Cancer women are loyal, empathetic, strong and emotional, they are prone to mood swings, can be manipulative and insecure, and pessimistic.


Her positive personality traits show off her disposition as someone who is usually strong but soft. While she’s nurturing, she knows when to be assertive and fight for her values. This determination only further explains how diplomatic she is, seeking peace and defending herself and her loved ones.

Cancers are also incredibly loyal. Once you have their trust, which doesn’t happen overnight, expect the Crab to always be there for you. Whether it’s their family and friends, or a romantic partner, Cancer wants their loved ones to feel safe, and they can offer this security through their devotion.

But no zodiac sign is without their negative personality traits, and Cancer is proof of this. Though they are sensitive and loving, they can be manipulative. This is driven by their need to protect their loved ones, as well as their emotionally demanding personality.

In addition, Cancer women tend to overreact and often find themselves playing the victim. She’s quick to turn inward at any sense of conflict, preferring to live in a world not grounded in reality.


Cancer Woman In Love and Relationships

Cancer women are extremely romantic, and want to go on dates that are intimate and help them come out of their shell. A fancy dinner isn’t her preference; rather, she wants an experience that’s fun and won’t force her to be too expressive and overemotional. Overall, she’s low maintenance and dating her is just easy.

When she’s in a relationship, she’s the ideal partner. She listens intently, shows compassion and offers emotional support to her partner. She tends to overstep in her romantic relationship, meaning she can sometimes be a bit too nurturing, in a motherly sense. Still, she wants to protect those she loves with vigor and passion.

The Cancer woman in love is over the Moon — and not just because she's ruled by it. Everything she does, she does for her partner’s sake, and remains devoted and protective. Unfortunately, her partner needs to be aware of a possible codependent relationship, as Cancer is needy and emotional.

When she falls in love, she’s in deep, so her partner needs to be as sensitive as she is; otherwise, she becomes hurt easily, and needs constant validation. Cancer women also need to beware of being taken advantage of by partners who don’t have true intentions; Cancer has a tendency to make herself too vulnerable, so she should set boundaries in her relationships.


The best matches for a Cancer woman are Earth signs Taurus and Virgo, as well as fellow Water signs Scorpio and Pisces.

Taurus is sensitive and caring; Virgo is great at communicating their needs; Scorpio is mysterious and passionate; and Pisces is Cancer’s emotional equivalent. All these signs possess qualities that Cancer values.

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Cancer Woman Sexuality

Because Cancer is so watery and emotional, she needs this same type of connection in her sex life. It’s only when she has sex with someone she loves and cares for that she’s able to be herself. Without that emotional connection, she cannot find pleasure in the act.


Sex with a Cancer woman is sensual, slow, gentle and impassioned. She often finds herself overcome with emotion during and after sex.

On the downside, sexual experiences with Cancer may become dull if it’s based only on emotional pleasure and not physical pleasure. She must keep her mind open to experimenting and trying new things.

Cancer Woman Career And Professional Life

Cancer women work well with others, making her a great team player in any profession. She may be deeply in her emotions, but she’s more than willing to put in the hard work to finish tasks and projects.

Focused on her work, she will do whatever it takes to finish, even if that means staying late or working weekends. She’s also likely to form great friendships with her coworkers, and offer them the inspiration to be strong in their jobs.


Ideal careers for Cancer women are those that serve her need for an emotional connection. This means she’s steers clear of jobs that involve data, math or analytical subjects.

She still wants to be successful despite being low-key in the workplace, so great jobs for Cancer include something in music, medicine, gardening, design, education, or even cooking.

Cancer Woman Family Life

Family is something Cancer cannot live without. Family is a bond that cannot be broken, so Cancer will focus on making sure her kids and partner stay connected. As a mom, she’s caring and nurturing, and naturally knows what her children require.

She’s understanding and knows how important physical touch is in raising kids. Cancer women are also incredibly protective, wanting more than anything to ensure security and stability. But this can sometimes backfire, as Cancer may be a bit too restrictive.


Cancer Woman Friendships

Just like the other relationships in her life, Cancer women are invested in their friendships, especially with those friends they feel closest to. Since it takes a while to earn her trust, she likely keeps friends around that she’s had since she was younger.

Cancer friends provide emotional support, a listening ear, and empathetic responses. They are thoughtful and conscientious, and have no problem putting their friends’ needs before their own. They truly treasure their friendships, but need to be mindful that true friends won’t intentionally cause them any harm or offense.

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8 Fun Facts About Cancer Women

1. Cancer women are supportive.

As one of the most caring signs, Cancer will always show up when you’re in distress, dead-set on fixing the situation. You can count on her to be there when you need her most.


2. Her eyes are the windows to her soul.

And that soul is loving and safe. In fact, she has the most loving eyes of all of the zodiac signs, and anyone who looks into them feels a sense of security.

3. Cancer women are elegant.

No, you’ll never find a classier woman than the Cancer woman. She’s well mannered, cultured, and never superficial.

4. She’s not easily fooled.

If you think you can get one over on Cancer, think again; she can see right through you. They immediately know when something isn’t right.

5. Cancer women will make you feel right at home.

Your comfort and happiness are important to Cancer, and she will do what she can to achieve both. She’s selfless in this sense, and will put your interests before hers.


6. Family life is everything to Cancer.

Above anything else, she values family. As a mother and partner, she’s the one who provides safety and stability, and treats her family with love and respect.

7. She sees you for who you are.

Cancers are intuitive in this way, and will see past your flaws. They know they, too, are flawed, and understand that nobody should be judged.

8. Cancers are incredibly loyal.

Cancer women will always have your back. In fact, she will move mountains and swim across oceans for anyone she cares about.

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Famous Cancer Women

Cancer cares deeply about things that are important to her. And for these famous Cancer women, they approached their successful careers in the same way.


Meryl Streep: June 22, 1949

Selena Gomez: July 22, 1992

Margot Robbie: July 2, 1990

Pamela Anderson: July 1, 1967


Tia and Tamera Mowry: July 6, 1978

Lindsay Lohan: July 2, 1986

Ariana Grande: June 26, 1993

Kristen Bell: July 18, 1980

Lana Del Rey: June 21, 1985

Jessica Simpson: July 10, 1980

Liv Tyler: July 1, 1977

Mindy Kaling: June 24, 1979

What is a Cancer woman like?

The Cancer woman is incredibly emotional, intuitive, nurturing, protective, and loyal, especially to those she cares deeply about. This woman is also prone to mood swings, being overly sensitive, and having vindictive motives.

What is a female Cancer's best match?

The Cancer woman’s best match is the Scorpio man. Scorpio is mysterious and passionate, which interests Cancer. Scorpios are also similar to Cancer; not only are they Water signs, but both are emotional, loyal, and compassionate. Though Scorpio can be aggressive, they provide the perfect balance to Cancer’s warm nature.


What does a Cancer woman need in a relationship?

To have a successful relationship, Cancer needs a partner who is loving, sensitive, honest, and able to express their emotions. Her ideal relationship is one built on trust, respect, and devotion, and never lacks a romantic touch.

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