8 Reasons Cancer Women Are The Best Women To Love

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Why Cancer Women Are The Best Zodiac Signs In Astrology To Love
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A Cancer woman's love is so deep she wears it is as armor — strong enough to care not only for herself, but for everyone she loves.

Women of this water sign, born between June 21 and July 22, and aptly symbolized by the crab, possess personality traits that make them among the most nurturning of all zodiac signs in astrology.

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A Cancer woman has the deepest appreciation imaginable for family, friends and home.

If you succeed in wooing her to join you on life's journey, you can be sure she will keep you and any mini-Cancers who may come along safe, secure and comfy at all times.

You will rarely need to try to understand what she is feeling, because Cancers are basically incapable of keeping their emotions under wraps. Don't say you weren't warned!

Here are 8 reasons the personality traits of a Cancer woman make her and other "crabs" the best women to love, based on what astrology and zodiac love compatibility.

1. A Cancer woman will jump to be there when you need her.


"Being one of the most caring signs Cancers always spring to action fast when you're in distress. 'I'll fix it up,' they say."

2. She has the most loving eyes of all of the signs.

"Lovely eyes. The eyes of someone that will always make you feel safe loved."

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3. You will never be able to find a classier dame.

"A Cancerian girl is elegant, classy, well mannered and cultured. Never superficial."

4. You don't need to protect her from your darker emotions.

She already knows.


"You can't fool a Cancer. They will know when something isn't right with you, even when you try to lie through your teeth."

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5. Your Cancer woman will make you feel right at home.

And she will stay with you through thick and thin.


"Cancer females are domestic goddesses who bond easily and separate with great difficulty."

6. Family life is everything to a Cancer.

She will treat your family with love and respect.


"Best person to bring home to meet your parents."

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7. She just gets it.

All of it.


"The heart of a Cancer will see past your flaws because they understand they have flaws too and shouldn't judge prematurely."

8. Cancer women have your back.

And your front.

And your sides.

She's got you covered.


"Friendly reminder — a Cancer will move mountains and swim across oceans for anyone they care about."

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