7 Ways To TRULY Love A Cancer Woman

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It's impossible not to love Cancer women, especially with beauties like Lana Del Rey and Ariana Grande sharing the sign. They make being sensitive, adventurous, and mysterious look effortless, which is why everyone finds them so attractive.

It might be easy to hook a Cancer woman, but if you really want to keep her, you'll have to get to know her better. If you think she's going to open up and be all lovey-dovey when you first meet, prepare to be let down.

Finding that perfect balance between being all about her and giving her some space can be hard, but it totally pays off in her book. Cancer women might like the chase, but catching a good man is just as important as having a little fun; you'll always be coming back for more with a Cancer!

1. Learn to love her family just as much as she does

It doesn't matter if you're dealing with in-laws or just your girlfriend's dad: family can be very intimidating and overwhelming. You might be okay with only seeing meeting her parents a few times, but your Cancer girl loves her family.

If you really want to show her that she's important to you, make the effort to love her family just as much as she does. Family is paramount to everything else in her life and she wants you to feel welcome.

2. Treat her to a home-cooked meal

If a Cancer woman is able to choose what she wants to do on a Friday night, 9 times out of 10 she will choose to stay in and rent a movie and some take out. Your Cancer girl is a total homebody and what better way to show her you love her than by making her a home-cooked meal.

Bonding with her best friends is at the top of her list and there's nothing better to her than bonding over food. You'll get a chance to learn more about her and she'll appreciate you getting your hands (and the kitchen) dirty for her.

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3. Make her your muse

Confidence doesn't always come easy to a Cancer woman. She can be insecure about her personality or her looks at times, which can be hard for her to be comfortable around the guys she dates.

Always remember to tell her that you love her and make her feel like the goddess she is. Cancer gals don't respond well to criticism and it'll turn her off if you try to change her. The more you praise her new haircut or her smart nature, the closer you two will get.

4. Be willing to try new things in bed

Cancer women are very imaginative individuals and that doesn't stop at the bedroom. When you date a Cancer, be prepared to try something new in bed.

She isn't afraid to take risks and if experimenting isn't your thing, she'll probably end up persuading you to get out of your comfort zone anyway. She'll be pleasantly surprised if you throw out some fun suggestions before she does.

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5. Give her stability and security

Cancers love adventure, but what they love even more is stability and security. If a Cancer woman knows she can do her thing during the day and come home to someone at night, she'll be hooked for life.

When you date a Cancer woman, be honest about your relationship. If she senses any kind of false security, she'll never trust you again. Let her know you'll always be there for her and she'll cherish your relationship all the more.

6. Appreciate her emotional availability

When a Cancer woman loves you, she'll start to open up more and be more emotionally available. Even though she is a very sensitive person, she isn't always willing to let her guard down.

Even in a relationship, a Cancer might not always want to share personal details of her life, so when she does get to that comfort stage in your relationship, really be there for her.

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7. Match her fiercely loyal nature

Cancer women are ride or die chicks and will have their friends' backs no matter what. If you can't prove you can be faithful and trustworthy, she'll drop you fast.

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Show her you can be loyal by keeping your word and being there when she needs you. If you continue to mirror her loyalty, you'll constantly be number one in her book.