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5 Personal Planets That Define Your Zodiac Sign's Personality, Per Astrology

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Personal Planets & Your Zodiac Sign's Personality, Per Astrology

Every person is born with a special horoscope chart made up of 10 planets, but only a few of those planets are what astrologers call personal. The planets include the Sun, which represents your ego and the way other people view you.

It's also the Sun sign that you may already be familiar with. You have a Moon sign which symbolizes the mother and your feelings, and a rising sign which tells about what you are here to do and accomplish.

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Personal planets are particularly important in understanding and exploring your natal chart and personality traits. Personal planets are actually 3 planets, Mercury, Venus, Mars, The Sun and The Moon. These bodies, it is believed, have the most direct influence on our lives. 

When there is a Full Moon or a major planetary change, you can look at these planets to see how this affects you personally to understand your daily horoscope readings better. Sometimes a personal planet, like Mars will tell you things about your home life. The Moon can reflect feelings that you need to address.

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There has been some confusion as to the concept of an individual's personal planet (the chart ruler) versus the personal planets. If your looking to know your chart ruling a planet, that can be found from learning your ascendant/rising sign. You can find this out only with your exact time of birth.

There are some great free natal chart calculators out there that can assist you in discovering your rising sign and therefore your chart ruling planet. The concept of the personal planets is an interesting one representative of "Houses" of your life.

Likened to the idea of having various rooms in your house, your life has rooms or houses too. Different areas of life that we function within, your ascendant is the way you handle those houses. Each planet in astrology represents one of these houses. 

Here are the meanings for each personal planet in astrology that affect your horoscope and zodiac sign's personality. Starting with the Sun, let's talk about what the impact is for each of the personal planets.

1. The Sun represents your conscious self-expression, and vitality.

The Sun represents male energy, the divine masculine within each of us. The Sun gives us our strength and the type of vigor we carry. The Sun is symbolic of the fire within and depending on the sign that lies in this place you may come across as a strong and commanding person like a Sun in Leo, or you may be a communicative, fast talker, like a Gemini.

The Sun is how we show up to the world. Your Sun is can be likened to the very first layer of who you are, the light you shine is a good way to understand the Sun's part in your chart. The Sun would be like you're living room, in the house concept. Let's peel back more layers and see what the Moon has in store.

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2. The Moon represents the unconscious self or your private life.

The Moon is representative of the female archetype, we all have a divine feminine ad this is where she resides. She is your sensitive nature and how you express in your private life. This is the layer revealed to our close friends and relations.

You may find your very private trends in feeling and thought fit more closely into your Moon sign. Your Moon sign represents in many ways how you care for friends and family, it can be considered "how" you care. Think the different dynamics that can play out for "Mother & Child" relationships. The Moon shows our nurturing ability. If the Sun is your Living room then the Moon is likened to your kitchen.

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3. Mercury is your preferred method of communicating. 

Mercury is the planet of communication, it represents both verbal and written communication. Its also the way our minds tend to work and it indicates the mind, intellect and how we use those qualities. Mercury is symbolized by the Greek messenger God of the same name.

Mercury in your natal chart will indicate your day to day communication style. Look to the sign that's placed in the house to better understand how you approach this important area of your life.  Mercury helps you to express to others. So in the inner rooms of your self Mercury would be the home office in your house.

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4. Venus is where your romantic nature resides.

Venus is symbolic of the Greek Goddess of love, many women particularly express their "Pillow Talk" selves from this planet placement. How you love your romantic partners and how you want them to love you is found in the personal planet of Venus.

Venus shows are loving passions, the type of affections reserved for our most intimate of relationships. Following our thread of rooms in the house of self, Venus would definitely be your Bedroom.

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5. Mars is where you are fierce and how you reach your goals. 

Mars is our ambitious nature, our physical bodies, how we tend it and use it. Mars is a masculine energy and shows us how we fight and work. Many Men will often express their sexual natures through Mars interestingly.

It's not surprising though as Mars energy is a raw energy, a warrior energy, the sort of energy that represents how you go out and get what you want. Mars is the conqueror, the general of sorts.  When I think of what room Mars could represent, the garage or man cave comes to mind. 

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