Who Pisces Is Most Compatible With In A Relationship (And Their Worst Love Match), According To Astrology

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Pisces Compatibility + Worst Love Match, According To Astrology

I'm Pisces zodiac sign, are you one, too? 

Normally, we want to read about who our best love matches are — I mean since we are a hopelessly romantic sign — we'd rather someone just clear the way for us to find out who should be our one and only.

Plus when being a dreamer (as I know we all are), I can't help wondering if a guy's zodiac sign is compatible with my own.

Sadly, there are certain zodiac signs who are not compatible with Pisces for love and relationships.

Astrology helps explain why... even if you're heart wants to get romantically involved.

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Without checking our astrological compatibilities, I can already imagine that relationship flourishing and what it would be like six months from now, or maybe even two years.

So the reason why we need to know who our worst love matches are is that we want a strong relationship, especially someone who's going to understand and respect our relationship of course.

I will say I haven't dated any of the astrology signs down below, and I'm pretty glad now that I know how compatible I am with each, according to astrology.

(But hey, opposites attract so I guess let's find out what's the worst.)

Our love life is all anybody talks about so maybe instead of trying to figure out our best matches lets cross out all the bad matches first.

Here are the worst relationship matches for signs with a Sun, Moon or Venus sign in Pisces, according to zodiac compatibility:

Pisces & Gemini

A Pisces dating a Gemini has been seen as a bittersweet match. It has equal parts of both harmony and frustration.

On a scale of 0-100, the scores are extremely low because of the initial compatibility of this match.

However, if you both can adapt to one another's style this is a relationship that will improve steadily over time, and eventually will rival any other match.

Overall due to Pisces being extremely sensitive and having this deep need for personal intimacy, it means you may find it harder than just about anyone else to cope with Gemini’s being coolly unemotional.

At times I rather be the cruelly overlogical outlook.

You both don’t have that much in common. Even though you are both usually positive enough to have an enjoyable relationship, and you even interact very well together at large social gatherings.

You have the kind of relationship where you both might not only forget to call each other but both of you change your opinions of each other in a matter of two seconds.

Gemini's lack of understanding is hurtful for Pisces.

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Now in the case where let's say you both do fall in love. There's a slim chance of this being a long relationship.

Pisces is just going to drain the energy out of their Gemini partner.

We can't help it but Pisces sometimes have a fragile, needy mode that other zodiac signs could understand much better than Gemini.

A little piece of advice, if you want your relationship to succeed, you need to work together and socialize a lot.

It's important to remember that in this relationship, you need to manage the emotional aspects in their relationship to help with their true intimacy, or else you both will never manage to communicate with one another.

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Pisces & Leo

A Pisces dating a Leo can seem okay at first because both signs are signs that desire a relationship.

Although at some point they may initially confuse each other due to their different temperaments.

They both are signs that really strongly desire love and affection. They also have the potential to be blissfully happy with each other.

Leo's fire traits can leave Pisces drained and exhausted.

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Overall Leo needs a lot of attention, and expects praise and although you may offer it.

You need love and security in return and the relationship may start to seem one-sided.

Pisces and Leo's are put on this Earth to spread different kinds of love.

When a Pisces and Leo become attracted to one another, you both will have to risk your beliefs and inner faith.

Plus you both usually will succumb to mutual disrespect because of a simple lack of understanding.

Pisces crave that fairytale relationship, which could be developed if Pisces builds Leo into the heroic image to the point in which each other's differences between them fade.

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Pisces & Libra

A Pisces dating a Libra could seem perfect since both Libra and Pisces are in love with love.

Although Libras love and crave grand gestures and happily ever afters.

As you know Pisces is known to be extremely romantic.

We're often over sensitive in general, but this makes them sensitive enough to understand our partner's needs since we are very empathetic.

Overall this will become a beautiful friendship rather than a relationship.

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You both are more submissive than dominant zodiac signs, so your relationship won't really flourish.

Especially because libra's don't want to discuss their feelings as Pisces does!

You both will often not respect each other enough to appreciate one another.

Libra has trouble adjusting to their partner’s speed, and Pisces mutable quality often doesn't help Libra open up any faster to building a relationship in the pace that would fit what Libra would like.

Libra and Pisces both are seen as selfless and are interested in the satisfaction of their partner.

This is a factor that will help them stay on each other's good side.

If you want this relationship to work, you need to be able to move past the disrespect and the unrealistic expectations from each other’s personalities.

If you can do this. you might be able to find that you both are capable of sharing real love.

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