Cancer & Scorpio Compatibility: Why Cancers Are So Attracted To Scorpios

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There are some zodiac pairings in astrology that have incredible chemistry — whether it's romantic or platonic. For Cancer, they tend to be attracted to Scorpio.

Not only are Cancer and Scorpio both Water signs, but its their emotional connection that makes them such suitable partners for one another.

In fact, Cancer and Scorpio compatibility makes these two signs a match made in heaven.

Cancer and Scorpio Attraction

Cancer is attracted to Scorpio because they are so mysterious, and find Scorpio's protective nature appealing. Where Cancers are known for their gentle and defensive attitude, Scorpios are known for their passionate and imposing personality.

Even though Cancer tends to be clingy and Scorpio is independent, Cancer loves Scorpio's intensity.

It’s the strength and courage of Scorpio that makes them irresistible to Cancer, and being protected is what makes Cancer consider Scorpio to be quite a suitable mate.

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In turn, Scorpios like being with Cancers because they are drawn to their caring and nurturing nature, are adaptable, and their patience with the Crab never runs out.

Yes, Scorpio is irresistible to Cancer, but it goes both ways. Not only is Scorpio accepting of Cancer's emotional needs, but they will do anything to make sure their partner feels safe. Cancer loves that Scorpio lets their vulnerable side come forward, which makes their bond so strong.

Their strong friendship adds another layer of loyalty and dependability between the two that translates to a romantic relationship. Cancers provide a shoulder to cry on and give their heart, while Scorpios provide the backbone and strength that Cancer needs.

Both their ideas of fun are on the same level, for the most part, and their thought processes bring them both to the same place. The enjoyment with one another will never run out, and even if their relationship ends, their friendship will last for a long time.

Cancer and Scorpio Sexual Compatibility

For intimate moments, Scorpios always make Cancers feel safe, are gentle with them, and provide an emotional space for all of Cancer's needs.

During sex, Cancer allows Scorpio to feel secure enough so they can express feelings that have been hidden for a long time; Cancers are patient and make sure to listen to Scorpio's needs.

But when Scorpios don’t feel ready to reveal their emotional side in bed, they come off as cold. This leads to Cancer feeling nervous; they will wait until their partner is ready and open before they go through with it.

There won’t be anything wild behind closed doors, at least not the first time, as Cancers prefer sensual connections. However, once that emotional intimacy grows, they might be open to experimentation.

Cancers aren’t too keen on experimentation for their first time and Scorpios are cautious.

Scorpios are fine doing almost anything for their first time with others, but with Cancer feeling a little reluctant, Scorpio eventually will accept that caution and is willing to wait for Cancer to be ready.

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Cancer and Scorpio Relationship Compatibility

Romance really works between Cancer and Scorpio. This relationship brings out two roles: the Caregiver and the Actor.

Cancer is the Caregiver who loves a home environment, and the idea of being domestic with their partner makes them very happy. Scorpio is the Actor who provides the security that Cancer needs, while also letting Cancer pamper them.

Cancers find understanding when with Scorpio, especially with emotions and feelings. Scorpio brings out an emotional side that never reached the surface before in Cancer.

Both signs would rather spend time with each other than be stuck socializing somewhere. Loyalty is always on the table, and jealousy rarely appears in either person.

Together, both are supportive of one another and help focus on the other’s strengths. They help to heal the other, which makes their bond strong.

In fact, Scorpio finds Cancer's nurturing nature totally reassuring. Because while Scorpio appears tough and rigid, once they are alone with Cancer they allow their emotional walls to go down.

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Cancer and Scorpio Love Compatibility

Cancer loves to be committed to one person, just as much as Scorpio does.

If they could, both Scorpio and Cancer would spend their days being with each other and not letting anyone else interrupt their time.

Occasionally, Cancers need space and will go out and do their own thing. It's not as an excuse to be with other people intimately, but just hang out with their friends or run errands; then, when they come back home, Cancer feels refreshed and ready to spend more time with Scorpio.

What makes their love connection so compelling is the shared loyalty between these signs.

Loyalty is part of Cancer’s vocabulary, and something the Scorpio cannot do without. Trusting in each other, along with allowing the other to be open, is something that makes this relationship special.

Cancers also communicate well with Scorpios, adding value to their relationship.

Although they are emotional people, Cancers tend to hide their true emotions in fear that the other might not feel the same. For Scorpios, they only will be okay with letting their walls down when they feel safe.

Combining the two will let the other feel okay keeping things in, and won’t push the other to release everything when they aren’t ready. Privacy and quiet time give them the courage to open up and develop trust that reveals an intense and genuine bond.

Overall Cancer and Scorpio Zodiac Compatibility

Cancer and Scorpio are incredibly compatible because they balance one another out in ways that other signs can't. Both seek out a deep, emotional connection and a relationship built on intellect, loyalty, and commitment.

Not only is their love beautiful, but intense in a way that makes Scorpio one of Cancer's soulmates. In fact, it's almost magnetic!

They bring out the best in one another, are intensely emotional beings with an understanding of their partner's needs, and find security in each other.

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