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10 Best Love Quotes That Perfectly Describe The Cancer Zodiac Sign

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10 Cancer Love Quotes To Describe The 'Crab' Zodiac Sign

Cancer is a mysterious zodiac sign. Born between June 21st and July 22nd, we think we know them, and yet, there's so much more to them than just the stereotype of the sensitive homebody.

Ruled by the Moon, Cancer is just as transitional; they change their minds often. Still, there's a predictability to their change — you know it's going to come sooner or later.

Cancer will provide a beautiful home for their loved ones, and, at the same time, they will make unilateral decisions to rid you of the ability to enter that home. So, there's a fickle edgy quality to this sign that takes some time to get used to.

With these Cancer zodiac quotes about love, you'll learn insights into the nature of the 4th sign in astrology.

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1. "Cancers are perfectionists, not sticklers. They prefer quality, each and every time." —Lyn Rochelle

Cancers rarely accept mediocrity. There's a desire in Cancer born people to strive for the best, always.

While they may not excel in everything they try, they most certainly go for what interests them with all the gusto in their being. Cancer falls in love with ideals, and they usually focus hard on achieving them.

2. "Do yourself a favor and let Cancer figure things out for themselves — they're really good at it." —Unknown

It's best to let them figure things out on their own. Because if you've ever had a Cancer friend, you've probably come to realize that they are open to your suggestions, but not necessarily to the point where they'll take them.

3. "Cancers are the biggest fools for love." —Olivia Lang

Love is blind. And we're all subject to blind love, but in Cancer's world, love takes over and completely plucks them from their comfort zones. They may even overstep their bounds without knowing it when it comes to relationships.

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4. "There's a reason they call Cancers 'lunatics'. They're all moon mad!" —Divina Grace

Predictably unpredictable, don't get too stuck on Cancer if you want certainty in your relationship. They will promise you "the moon" one day, and take it back the next. It's just the way they are.

5. "Cancerians are all mothers at heart. Even the men." —Linda Goodman

Nurturing and natural, be it rescuing animals or giving comfort to a friend in need, Cancer is in their element when they are creating safe environments for those who reach out to them. They turn no one down, knowing that love will always save the day.

6. "Revenge is how Cancer tidies up their unfinished business." Arnold Matheson

Never underestimate a Cancer — there's more to that sensitive person than you think. They are aware of everything going on around them, and should you do them wrong, they have no qualms about getting you back.

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7. "It's hard to lose a friend that's a Cancer. But trust me, you will." —Reese Danton

Cancer is a very thoughtful and compassionate sign, but they do not want their good nature taken advantage of. They will cut you off forever if they feel they can't trust you, but they will take with them the memory of what was good.

8. "There is no middle ground with Cancer. It's all or nothing at all." Maritza Mendoza

Idealist by nature, Cancer is up for the full romance, be it in friendship or romance. They want it all, and they want you on board, which is another way of saying to you, "It's my way or the highway."

9. "Once you're on a Cancer's bad side, you're a goner, for good." Unknown

It sure doesn't feel good when your Cancer friend decides to ghost you, as they will do so on a permanent level. They have no patience for forgiveness; they simply end you if you don't work out for them.

10. "Cancer wants to be in love forever. They are ultimately idealists by nature." —Sandra Love Jackson

Cancer has self-confidence, meaning they aren't into playing games. They know what they want and they know how to get it.

If you are what they want, then be prepared to give all you have to them, which should come fairly easily as they are easy to love.

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