Scorpio Man And Cancer Woman Love Compatibility

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Scorpio Man Cancer Woman Love Compatibility

If you stand back and just take a look at the avatar-representatives of these two zodiac signs, you'd see a Scorpion and a Crab — two cold-blooded, exoskeletal creatures.

Sounds like, in terms of zodiac compatibility, Scorpio and Cancer might have a chance at getting along, being that they have this bizarre thing in common: they're the bugs of the zodiac, the only ones. And what do bugs do best? They adapt and survive, no matter what their conditions are.

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Does that metaphor hold up in real life, for the Scorpio man and the Cancer woman? Not necessarily. But we can always dream, can't we?

This coupling, though not made in heaven, can reach some very high highs, but they may also come to know the lowest of lows. They are the kind of duo that challenges each other, sometimes a little bit too much.

These two zodiac signs will also be able to reflect back to each other what's on their minds, and they will both be able to read the other person very well. There is very little lying that goes on in this relationship, mainly because these two are both incredibly perceptive and can smell a lie a mile away.

Let's investigate the love compatibility of the Scorpio man and Cancer woman.

Their elements: Both Scorpio and Cancer are water signs.

Always a key player when it comes to getting along, they blend well, like water. They flow through life, like water. As it is with water signs, they are both psychic, intuitive, and guided by their own inner light of knowledge and intelligence.

How compatible are these zodiac signs in love and intimacy?

It's almost a stereotype here, but the Scorpio man will be the aggressive party here, and the Cancer woman will be the submissive partner in the relationship.

He's just too hyped up on sex to not make it one of the most important parts of the relationship, and she's very willing to go long and experience what he has in mind.

By nature, she's sexual — all Cancer woman are (and sexy, too!) — and though she's not the instigator of sexual scenes, she's all too willing to go along with his kind ideas. They make for a superb sexual couple because they balance each other out.

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What values do the Scorpio man and Cancer woman share?

Both parties are homebodies, so all things related to the home are valued.

This couple can find many things to enjoy together, because they value the same things and want those things in their lives. Trusting their gut is big with both signs, so they value what's on their minds and give credit where credit is due.

In other words, they listen closely to the ideas and feelings of the other, for the purpose of showing both solidarity and support. They value the friendship behind the romance.

How does each zodiac sign express emotion?

Emotionally, they are both high strung but also capable of profound coldness. They both tend to turn off when they are emotionally overwhelmed, and that can sometimes be perceived the wrong way.

This couple is not immune to arguments or nasty fights, though they regret becoming too involved in drama, which is what makes them shut down; too much emotion will eventually lead to one or both of them going silent.

When the emotions run too high, they both tend to "go underground" to retreat and regroup their thoughts.

Is trust a priority in this astrological pair?

High on the list with both parties, in fact, without trust, these two don't even get to first base.

For these two, trust is what makes the safe space — to play in, to laugh in, to feel secure in, to love in. While both parties are daredevils and always curious about sex and love, they prefer living out their fantasies in trust, where they know the other person isn't going to betray them.

Betrayal hurts all human beings, but the Scorpio man and the Cancer woman cannot tolerate betrayal, ever.

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How do a Scorpio man and Cancer woman communicate?

The communication is near to perfect between the Scorpio man and the Cancer woman.

They want to communicate; they believe in it. If it needs confrontation, it gets confrontation.

These two are not afraid to "broach the subject." If something is wrong, both parties rush to communication first, as they know it's the fastest way to get to the truth.

Communication is a form of respect to these two signs. If they are to feel respected, they must be in a relationship where communication comes easy, and in this coupling, it thankfully does.

Overall, this zodiac couple works well together, and that is mainly because they balance each other out.

If the Scorpio man falters, the Cancer woman is there to help him out, and vice versa.

They are both looking for stability and a deep, intellectual romance — one that can easily translate as a passionate life as well. They both want it all, and by sharing responsibilities and making the commitment to live life together, they take on the idea that helping the other one out is a good, a productive thing.

They are willing to put in the time to make the relationship a work of art.

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