The Ultimate Cancer Compatibility Guide: Understanding Love And Relationships

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Cancer Zodiac Compatibility Guide: Understanding Cancer Relationships And Love Astrology
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Your guide to understanding the Cancer zodiac sign's heart.

Knowing your zodiac compatibility is an honest lifesaver when entering the world of dating. You are able to discover what exactly it is that you need and want from a relationship and who will give that to you.

Not everyone is meant to understand a Cancer, and that is alright. People will refer to them as "hermits" who are overly emotional and overly sensitive to everything. Others view them as overly clingy and unnecessarily annoying. 

In truth, Cancers are one of the most kind-hearted signs who will give you the world in a moments notice. They are devout friends and lovers who will make the perfect soulmate to someone one day.

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To forever win the heart of a Cancer, you must show them how patient you are, and how much you really are down for them. They will do anything for you and they will ask the same of you. When they are sad, they want you to lift them up, and when they are happy, they want you to be able to share all of their joy with them. To love and to be loved is what they desire.

Best Cancer zodiac compatibility


For Cancers, the zodiac signs that they are most compatible with are Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces, and even another Cancer.

It's the sensual side of the Taurus and the proud and deep admiration that the Virgo upholds that draws the Cancer in immediately to both signs, whereas Scorpio and Pisces must cross a few obstacles and come to some understandings about the Cancer to fully be able to have the greatest possible relationship. And what better match for a Cancer than itself? There is an understanding between a Cancer and itself that no other sign can truly comprehend. 

Who is Cancer NOT compatible with, according to astrology?

Aries and Libra stray very far from the personality and lifestyle of a Cancer, making them very incompatible.

Like all relationships, there are aspects that require more work and tolerance in order for an Aries and Cancer to work. The Aries is often very blunt in nature, saying exactly what is on their mind even if it can hurt the more sensitive Cancer. As for the Libra, their desire for a more mental connection differs greatly from a Cancer's desire for an emotional connection.

Top Cancer relationship needs

More than anything, Cancers need someone who is going to help them live their best life. They crave honesty, security and patience. They aren't an initial open book, and many stay away from them because they find them strange. But all a Cancer really wants and needs is someone who isn't going to give up on them; someone who will try to get to know them and accept them. Because although they may come off as quiet and reserved at first meet, they have a lot to offer.

A Cancer has fire in her eyes and grace in her heart. If there is one thing that nearly everyone will feel when encountering a Cancer, it is her passion and love for anything and everything she does. She will love and care for you in a way that no one else can. She is a natural-born protector and although shy in nature, she is absolutely fierce when it comes to the people and things that she loves. And no matter who hurt her or what has happened in her life, she will remain always, resilient. 

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Where a Cancer is most likely to find love

The best place for Cancer to find love is at places that make you feel at ease and at home. Mentioning to family and friends that you are interested in getting into a relationship can help a lot because then they will look for someone who they feel is perfect for you. Finding someone who already is in your every day school, work, or life routine will work as well because you have been able to spend some time observing their character. 

Let's just hope that they are ones to make the first move because that is what you desire most. You want someone who will break the ice with you and open you up. You understand not everyone you encounter will be like that so until then, you keep to yourself.

The best time for a Cancer to find love

Once you become more sure of yourself and increase the confidence you have in yourself, you can start looking for love. People think it's easy to walk all over you because of your quiet nature — which isn't true at all. The good thing is that when you do get into relationships, they are long lasting because you went in for the right reasons.

What makes a Cancer so irresistible

You have been able to spend a lot of your time with yourself, making your sense of self incredible. You are already naturally beautiful but your passion for all things loving and your drive to always find the good is what makes you absolutely irresistible.

You are not an open book, and hold a sexy mystery in your golden eyes. People don't even realize how much they wanted you until you're with someone else. 

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How to make a Cancer happy in her relationship

All a Cancer truly wants is to feel that they are loved and cared for. It's hard for a Cancer to open up, and they will only do so once they're sure you won't hurt them. Try your best not to hurt her. You must understand all her fears and anxiety, but don't ever treat her like she is weak because she is stronger than you think. Also, let her take care of you as well — she just wants to remind you how much she loves you.

So how EXACTLY does someone make a Cancer fall in love?

To make a Cancer fall in love, you must show her how much you care. Support her dreams and aspirations, and show her how much family means to you. Never take a Cancer for granted, and always show her that you are listening, and that you actually see a future with her. She is a forgiving person who understands when someone slips up — but don't ever do her dirty.

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