Your Weekly Forecast, Based On Your Zodiac Sign (And Theme Song)

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Fun, Free Work & Love Horoscope For May 29 - June 4

Free horoscope for May 29 - June 4. Plus, your sign's weekly theme song!

Gemini: You're dealing with opposite sides of the spectrum right now. On one hand, it's your birthday (woot, woot!). On the other, you're going through some personal challenges. But in true Gemini form, you’re handling everything with grace and charm. It's your birthday month and you're not one to miss a good party or an excuse to socialize, but it's also a time to reflect on things. Don't get too emo or try to make any life changing decisions now.

This week, work your charm and make a few birthday wishes, because they just might come true. 

Gemini's weekly theme song: Rise —Eddie Vedder

CancerIt's all about the non-verbal communication right now. Say what you will, but tone and gestures go deeper than words. Don't go getting all passive aggressive, but you'll definitely say a lot without saying much at all.

This week, you just want to know where you stand — and if you should be standing on someone's team. If things feel right, you give your all. If not, it's time to pull away and reserve your strength. Throw your passion into work, where you know you'll see results. When all else fails, you are your best investment!

Cancer's weekly theme song: Best Kept Secret —case/lang/veirs

Leo: Taking good care of your health is important this week. A sane body equals a sane mind, and vice versa. You might face a few challenges in love and work, but if you come at them with the right attitude, you can make progress and keep things on a positive note. If you find yourself burning the candle at both ends, you might end up throwing some serious shade in all the wrong directions.

Your love vibes are intense this week, but it's up to you to make the intensity something worth staying home for versus something that makes you both run out the door. Meditation would be a good way to go right now. Things will get better, we promise!

Leo's weekly theme song: Your Woman —White Town

Virgo: June is approaching, and you're starting to feel the Senioritis. It's nearly summer and you're ready for beach balls and cocktails by the water. Single Virgos are feeling frisky and looking for a partner in crime to share the days of summer with. You'll have plenty of options coming your way! Keep your eyes open until cupid's arrow shoots. In the meantime, you'll enjoy getting creative and spending time with friends.

You're quite the hard worker, so don't feel too badly about taking a little break. It's time to chillax!

Virgo's weekly theme song: Summer —Calvin Harris

LibraYou're at it again with the romance. Your head might be in the clouds this week, but you deserve a little break from things — so enjoy it! This week you’ll be sipping fine wine, and talking about everything from the summer trends you're excited to get in on to the meaning of life. 

Things with bae are running smoothly, and single Libras should definitely say 'yes!' to dinner dates. Just try to keep some of your toes on the ground so you don’t go floating off into the stratosphere forgetting to pay rent. It's about the balance!

Libra's weekly theme song: And She Was —Talking Heads

ScorpioYour intuition is super strong this week. Sure, you could buy a couple of lotto tickets — but you’re better off listening to your heart on all things relationships. You’ll know exactly how to make bae feel special right now, or how to seduce that siren you can’t stop thinking about. It’s the small gestures that sometimes have the biggest impact.  

Career prospects are looking good, too. You’ve got people who believe in you AND your dreams. Start writing out that biz plan and get ready to roll with the big dogs soon. And most importantly, be nice! Put your stinger aside for now.

Scorpio's weekly theme song: Sweet Talkin' Woman —Electric Light Orchestra

SagittariusThough usually you're one to take aim and shoot, this week it’s best not to make any major moves. You might feel indecisive about everything from which shoes to pair with which skirt to where to where you want to live and work. Plans around you seem to change last minute, but since you're good at going with the flow you'll have no problem landing on your feet no matter what.  

This week definitely makes you realize you need the squad to keep you grounded. Take some advice from your bestie, who'll have a clearer and more objective perspective on things. Things may seem crazy this week, but your friends are a positive constant you can count on. Lean on them!

Sagittarius' weekly theme song: Umbrella —Rihanna

Capricorn: This week is shaping up to be more productive than usual — as if you already weren’t a work horse! You're extra efficient and getting things done in a more organized way.

But don’t waste all your magic at work! Use that same intuition and energy in your relationships — especially romantic ones. Though sometimes you may seem cool and withdrawn, right now you’re reading bae like a book. You’ll know exactly how to please, in a myriad of ways. People totally appreciate your efforts all around this week. Give yourself a pat on the back!

Capricorn's weekly theme song: Darling Do Not Fear —Brett Dennen

Aquarius: This week starts off with good times for you. You have squad goals on the agenda. Get involved in festival season, summer concerts, picnics and beach time. You’re in charge of organizing, and you love it! 

Your love life is heating up too, because you are a smooth operator right now. You know just what to say and do to seduce the object of your affections. Throw some of your creativity into making them a home cooked meal or some DIY art for their apartment. You’re flowing with love and light this week.

Aquarius' weekly theme song: Bam Bam — Sister Nancy

Pisces: You’ve got quite a bit going on as June begins. You might run into old friends you’ve lost touch with and spend some time getting caught up. While some people may disappear for years, if they're a true friend it'll be like they never left. 

You’re in house cleaning mode now, too. Out with the old and in with the new! Even in love, you’re attracting someone different than your usual type. You're putting time aside to learn more about the world and yourself. You’re feeling open to new things —  a beautiful way to come into the summer months! You’re shedding your skin and getting ready for good times ahead.

Pisces' weekly theme song: Miss You In My Life —The Belle Brigade

AriesYour focus (which is generally singular) is mostly on career right now. You’re inspired to start new projects and go for your dreams, and it’s a great week to get the ball rolling. You might be less social than usual, but that’s only because you’re concentrating on your goals right now. You just want to give most of your energy to work, and if anyone is going to put out any negative energy, you don't need 'em.
Definitely keep your eyes on the details, but don't forget about the big picture. You’ll feel more social in no time. For now, chip away at your plans!

Aries' weekly theme song: Becoming —Milky Chance

TaurusYou’re a busy bee! Seems life is coming at you from all angles and change is still the constant! Remember, a lot of this change is ultimately positive. 

You’re super social these days, so host a dinner party or gather the squad for a night out. Make sure you have one-on-one time with bae or your new love interest, because you’re in the mood for love — and whatever you want, you get! Don’t be shy — go get ‘em. 

Taurus' weekly theme song: Whatever Lola Wants —Sarah Vaughan