Happy Birthday Pisces! + YOUR Sign's Theme Song, Via Your Horoscope

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Free daily horoscope for the weekend of February 19 - 21.

It's the start of your birthday month, Pisces! Even if you're not a Pisces, it's time to celebrate because it's the weekend. Set the mood with your sign's weekend theme song, all performed by our favorite Pisces artists. Cheers!

Aquarius: Your squad is on your side this weekend. Whether you need help moving, a loan or just a vent sesh, they're there for you. You might even find a love connection in a friend you hadn’t seen that way before. One kiss can change everything!

Aquarius' weekend theme song: Baby —Justin Bieber

Pisces: You may want to lie low tonight, but tomorrow it's officially your time. It’s the start of your birthday month! It’s your own personal new years and a great time to revisit those resolutions you made not too long ago. You’re in the spotlight for a month. Enjoy it!

Pisces' weekend theme song: All That Matters —Kesha

Aries: One minute, you're in the mood to surround yourself with people but the next, you just want to retreat to your favorite hideaway. This weekend, consider giving it your all on Friday and Saturday — but keep Sunday for yourself. If you can stand the company, invite a close friend or your boo... Just keep it mellow. 

Aries' weekend theme song: In Bloom —Nirvana

Taurus: Get to a happy hour tonight, make plans with the gals tomorrow and save Sunday for some lovin'. You love planning ahead and this weekend is all spelled out. Enjoy it! 

Taurus' weekend theme song: Sunday Morning —Maroon 5

Gemini: Your weekends are notoriously sacred when it comes to your social life, but this time around you're more focused on work than the club. Mix a business with pleasure with a networking happy hour tonight and spend the rest of the weekend working from home in your pajamas. 

Gemini's weekend theme song: Great Times Are Coming —will.i.am

Cancer: You're shifting your focus to your career over the next couple of days, and notice an almost immediate positive change. Timing is everything and you're in the right place at the right time this weekend. Make sure whatever outfit you decide on is day-to-night ready — you always want to be prepared.

Cancer's weekend theme song: Fly Like An Eagle —Seal

Leo: Your drive is at an all-time high, at the office and at home. Get down to business at work today but leave the weekend open for some lovin'. Sunday is especially lucky for you. You own every room you walk into — especially the bedroom.

Leo's weekend theme song: Ring Of Fire —Johnny Cash

Virgo: You've been turning your energy inward. Your health, dreams and goals are your main priority. Tomorrow and Sunday, make some time to play in the sun (or snow) with your sweetie. Single Virgos should make moves because all the focus you've been putting on yourself is attracting everyone towards you. 

Virgo's weekend theme song: In The Dark —Nina Simone

Libra: How about a mini getaway with bae? You have the urge to get in the car and drive somewhere for a few days. If you can't get out on the road, make it a cozy staycation. Either way, you're going to have a blast. You can get into vacation mindset even in the same four walls. Warm bath and margaritas, anyone?

Libra's weekend theme song: Renegade Runaway — Carrie Underwood

Scorpio: You finally made it to Friday! You were tired and dragging your feet all week, but now you have a fresh, new supply of energy. If you can get away for a few days, use the time to recharge your batteries even more. If you can't, spend some quality time with your favorite Netflix shows.

Scorpio's weekend theme song: Drum + Fife —Smashing Pumpkins

Sagittarius: Since your birthday month, you've definitely noticed a positive turn in your finances. Today is an especially good day. You always follow your passion, so don't let money be your guide — but certainly you can appreciate the stability. Take some time to chill out this weekend. You're in need of a little me-time.

Sagittarius' weekend theme song: Nun For Free Zonnique Featt. Young Thug

Capricorn: You can bust your butt at work today, but the universe wants you to indulge in your romantic side this weekend. You also could use some rest — how about a little Airbnb staycation? Invite someone you care about and order in. 

Capricorn's weekend theme song: Only Girl —Rihanna