Start The Last Week Of January (!!) Right With Your Monday Horoscope

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Free daily horoscope for Monday, January 25.

It may seem like New Years Eve was only about 15 minutes ago, but somehow we've already reached the last week of January. Start it off right with your free daily horoscope for Monday, January 25.

Aquarius: Go Aquarius, it’s FINALLY your birthday! The universe is gearing up to shower you with all the love you deserve. Grab one of your pals and take on a day trip (near water, if possible, of course). You’ll be feeling more refreshed than most this Monday.

Pisces: You’re feeling studious as ever today. Don your glasses and your best pen and get going on a project close to your heart — you’re sure to get a bunch done.

Aries: This Monday is all about motivation for you. You’re heading down a healthy path this week and focusing on what you want to bring into your life… or take out!

Taurus: You need a makeover in some area of your life. Whether it takes the form of a career change, relationship overhaul or shopping spree, get ready for some much-needed change in your life.

Gemini: Whether it’s shopping for pillows and wall art or baking brownies for your besties, your domestic side is in full force. Grab the apron and roll with it.

Cancer: Monday blues aren’t on your mind — but the color green is! You’re figuring out how to turn one of your passions into a money maker. Keep working on it until you’ve got a plan started.

Leo: To most, it’s Monday. To you, it’s the start of a fabulous new week — starting with your new look. Yoga and the salon are on your to-do list today (and if they aren’t, they should be).

Virgo: You don’t mind that the weekend’s come to an end, because you’re feeling a bit restless. Throw yourself into a new project, learn what you need to. You’ll have a new skill down by end of day.

Libra: If you can stay under the blankets with a book, then do! Otherwise, take the day at a slower pace than what you’re used to. No need to rush — you have the whole week ahead of you (for better or worse).

Scorpio: You’re raring to go this Monday. But don’t push yourself too hard — you still have the whole week ahead of you. Make sure to take time to rest and don’t strain yourself.

Sagittarius: We all know you prefer fun times, but it’s Monday. Time to work as hard as you play. No worries — you figure out the balance and feel equally rewarded.

Capricorn: You’ve been slowly coming out of your shell. It’s your most brazen Monday in a while. Break out the espresso (or beer!)  later and share some deep thoughts with a good friend.