Take A Coffee Break And Check In With Your Tuesday Horoscope

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Free daily horoscope for Tuesday, December 22.

With Christmas Eve only two short days away, we're all itching for the fun holiday weekend to begin. Whether you're slaving away at a desk or doing your best to survive the last bits of holiday shopping, take a quick break to check in with your zodiac sign for today's horoscope.

Capricorn: You woke up in a romantic mood today. Whether it’s because your birthday is approaching or merely a side effect of the holiday season, go find yourself some mistletoe and make it happen. If anyone needs a little break from work, it’s you. Why not start celebrating a little early?

Aquarius: You’re still a total rock star at work, which is sure to come in handy soon. Use your status to get out of work a little early today. Your heart isn’t in it, so you won’t do your best work anyway. You’ve got your loved ones on the brain. Last minute gifts and packing are calling to you.

Pisces: You’re itching for some change in your life. People from other cultures and backgrounds are catching your attention. You’re curious about them and where they’re from. It’s not quite time to book your trip yet, but it’s never to early to dream.

Aries: Your good luck is still going strong — and so are you. You’ve really managed to pull off a lot this holiday season. Your squad is looking to you for leadership and you do not fail them! No one can charge (or be in charge) like you.

Taurus: Great news: today is sure to be amazing for you. Even with the short work week, you’re caught up with your to-do list and your holiday shopping is done. In your mind, you’re already on vacation — enjoy!

Gemini: Your style choices have been on point all month, and it’s not over yet. Get ready to blow everyone away with your holiday outfit choices (that you’ve been secretly planning all season). Your luck is at an all time high today.

Cancer: We know you’re just dying to get going with the holidays. Christmas (and the days off) can’t come fast enough. Good news: today is an easy day for you. You have a few last minute things to get to, which you will — with ease.

Leo: You are so ready for the holiday break. You might have a few things to take care of over the next few days, but do it with a cup of cocoa (or a mimosa) next to you and you’ll be all smiles. You’re traveling this holiday. Do yourself a favor and be friendly with your travel mate — you both need it.

Virgo: You’re ready for the holiday fun. Hit happy hour tonight, but try a new place. It’s a great time to meet new people and make new friends. Plus, it’ll appease your wanderlust for the time being — but that doesn’t mean you can’t start planning a big vaca for 2016.

Libra: You’re completely in la la land today. Did Christmas come early? ‘Cause your dreams and goals are coming true. Everyone’s on your side right now. Guess you’ve been pretty damn good this year.

Scorpio: Not like you need this confidence boost right now, but… you’re on fire today. If there was a yule log within two feet of you, it would burn until Christmas. Whether it’s your charisma or the holiday lights that are getting to you, you’re in a social mood. Get out there and warm it up for everyone!

Sagittarius: Even with the holiday festivities right around the corner, you’re feeling a bit down today. You really want to make all you do meaningful. It’s OK to keep that in mind — but don’t let it hold you back. Get your career goals into focus today. After all, your new personal year is already in motion!