Start The Holiday Weekend Right With Your Zodiac Sign's Theme Song

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Your free horoscope for the weekend of November 27 - 29, 2015.

Not only is it Friday, but it's the Friday after Thanksgiving. That means A) no alarm clock necessary, and B) if you ate as much as we did, you're still in bed deflating. Since you're immobile anyway, plug these songs into your favorite Spotify playlist (then you can go for some leftovers). Here's your free horoscope for the weekend of November 27 - 29.

Sagittarius: Yesterday was pretty damn perfect. Now, it’s time to clean up. We know, we know: chores and errands suck. But once you clear the mess and settle into the weekend, you’re free to fantasize about your dream life. Birthday time equals new personal resolutions. After all, you can’t conquer the world without a plan!

Sagittarius' weekend theme song: Run The World —Beyonce

Capricorn: Your job today is to tackle that stress. Might we suggest some leftovers and holiday movies on the couch? Things start looking up tomorrow, and by Sunday you’re feeling back to your fabulous self. After all that family time, you’re in DESPERATE need some bae time. Don’t do the usual dinner and a movie. Get creative!

Capricorn's weekend theme song: Hips Don't Lie —Shakira

Aquarius: You’ve invested a TON of time the last few days making it a festive, fun time for everyone. Don’t slow down now — you’re still making memories this weekend! If your bestie wants to set you up on a blind date, let her. By Sunday, you’re ready for some ‘me time’. Remember to take care of yourself as well as you take care of your crew!

Aquarius' theme song: I Bet My Life —Imagine Dragons

Pisces: It’s shaping up to be a romantic weekend. Starting tonight straight through to Sunday, you’re in the mood for love! Think: a cozy night in after an afternoon on the town. And Pisces? Don’t sweat any tension or little tiffs. It’s always fun to kiss and make up.

Pisces' weekend theme song: Killing Me Softly —The Fugees

Aries: You’ve been running your ass off — damn right you’re tired. Full body massage, please! But make it quick — there are too many good things going on to sit still! Charisma is your middle name and everything you selling, people are buying. Your words, your ideas, whatever it is, work your magic. But seriously, DO try to find some time to relax.

Aries' weekend theme song: Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic —The Police

Taurus: You miiiiight want to wait a little bit before checking your bank account. But don’t let it get you down — it’s all worth it. Some stress lingers into Saturday but by Sunday, you’re feeling great. Your challenge Taurus, should you choose to accept it: be patient with yourself, and everyone around you. Stay sane, stay open — you never know what new thing will come your way.

Taurus' weekend theme song: Patience —Guns N Roses

Gemini: You’re still on top of the world! It’s the Friday after Thanksgiving — when you’re done digesting, grab your squad and hit the town! Over the weekend, expect high spirits. Oh, and don’t forget about your bills — probably best to take care of ‘em when you’re in such a good mood. See, adulting’s not so bad!

Gemini's weekend theme song: Top of the World —Tim McGraw

Cancer: Helloooo, freaky Friday. You might wanna reconsider hitting the Black Friday sales — it’s Armageddon out there and you ain’t havin’ it! The weekend is looking up, so don’t worry about missing a few deals. What’s a few dollars compared to your sanity?

Cancer's weekend theme song: Gulls —David Gray

Leo: You’re still flying high today. You destroy your competition at the sales, but afterwards expect to feel a little beat. Avoid confrontations, keep calm and purr on.

Leo's weekend theme song: Concrete Jungle —Bob Marley

Virgo: You’re having a little trouble getting into the holiday spirit, but by tomorrow you are so over it. Tension disappears and you’re more than happy to take it easy at home. No bargain hunting in stores for you, you know damn well online shopping is the way to go. Buy yourself a little something too — you’ve earned it.

Virgo's weekend theme song: Nan You're A Window Shopper —Lily Allen

Libra: Dear drama queen: keep it cool. No need to make a scene, it’s really not that cute when you get all hot headed. That’s not very Libra of you. Focus on the positives, please! Don’t sabotage your lucky streak.

Libra's weekend theme song: Sabotage —Beastie Boys

Scorpio: You’re feeling pretty zen this weekend. Perfect timing for a spa day or staycation, whatever you cup of vanilla chai tea happens to be. Your energy is strong and positive af — dig deep to reap the rewards.

Scorpio's weekend theme song: Lust for Life —Iggy Pop