Cancer As A Mom: Best And Worst Traits & Parenting Style

Cancer moms are among the most nurturing of the zodiac.

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Soft-hearted and sentimental, having a Cancer mom is the best thing ever! They know how to love their children unconditionally and are fiercely protective of them as well (despite the “weak” reputation society tries to force on Cancers).

And let's not get started on how much Cancer moms love to feed their kids! Their babies are often the healthiest and cutest. Plus, kids who have a Cancer mom can't live without their mom's cooking and only dream of returning home soon once they go off to college.


In short, life in a Cancer household is good. Although, Cancer moms are also known to become too attached to their kids and curb their freedom.

Now let's dig a little deeper into a Cancer mom's parenting style and best and worst traits.

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Cancer mom strengths

Generous and loving

No one can compete with the loving nature of a Cancer mom. They are big-hearted and will do anything for their kids, including going to the ends of the Earth to hound any villain who tries to harm their child. A Cancer mom is very hands-on with her kids and is there through thick and thin. She believes in making memories and is understanding of the shortcomings of her child. She is also very empathic and will immediately know if something is wrong and if her kid is hiding something.



The world can make fun of the emotional nature of Cancers, but this is what makes a Cancer mom extremely fierce and protective of her kids. Bullies beware! This mom will not stay silent or hold back if her kid is in danger. And if they can't do anything to help the situation, especially if they are stuck with a narcissistic partner or in a powerless situation, the Cancer mom will do everything she can to shield her child from the nastiness.


A Cancer mom is supportive of her children's happiness and desires, especially regarding hobbies and career choices. But Cancer is a conventional zodiac sign, so the supportiveness is tempered with realism about the nature of the world. Cancer moms try their best to raise sensible children and guide them to sensible career paths. But if money is not an issue and the child grows up to exhibit the ability to be responsible and smart, a Cancer mom will whole-heartedly support their child's unconventional dreams. On the backend though, a Cancer mom will always know that her kids have a safety net in her.


Cancer is a very traditional zodiac sign. So good manners and respect for elders will be an important part of a Cancer mom's upbringing of her children. And whether or not the household is religious, Cancers do not like it when their kids go around cursing and using bad language.

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Cancer mom challenges

Excessive attachment

A Cancer mom's protective nature can easily turn to paranoia about her children's safety when expressed negatively. This usually happens when the mother is unable to extricate herself from bad situations and so doesn't know how to teach the child to protect themselves. So she becomes clingy and restricts the freedom of the child, hoping to shield them from the big bad world. But this is not a realistic strategy and often turns the children into helpless adults who don't know how to face challenging situations or avoid dangers through their own finely honed instincts.

Invasive of privacy

Another negative parenting style exhibited by a Cancer mom is the disregard for her child's privacy. She may snoop around her child's room and rifle through their possessions (even reading diaries) just so she knows everything about her kid. No secrets allowed! This either leads to rebellious behavior from her kids or passive tolerance until the child grows up and can leave the home and earn their freedom and identity. Sometimes a Cancer mom, in the negative manifestation, fails to separate her identity from her child's, considering her kid an extension of herself and not an independent human being who needs to develop into a functioning adult.


Sometimes the parenting challenge for a Cancer mom is excessive coddling. She infantilizes her children beyond age-appropriateness. And she may do everything for her children to the extent that she becomes their maid, failing to teach them how to do even the most basic things like running a laundry cycle or washing the dishes. These children grow up to frustrate other people in their college dorms, office spaces, and even romantic relationships when they fail to pick up after themselves. And if this is not checked early, the child can even develop entitled behavior and only seek out partners with low self-esteem who are willing to become a substitute maid for them.


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