What Your Relationship With Your Mom Is Like, Based On Your Moon Sign

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The Moon sign tells us a lot about the dynamic we may have in future relationships, similar to attachment styles. In astrology, the Moon is tied to our upbringing and the emotional bond we make with our primary caregiver. In most cases, this is the mother figure in our life, the one we bond with in our early years.

Not all Moon signs of the same sign will be the same, we also have to take into consideration the Ascendant, House location, and aspects of the natal Moon.

Understanding your relationship with your mom, based on Moon signs

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Aries Moon

The mother encourages the child to be bold, brave and go after what they want. The Aries Moon is confident and they do not like to be told by others what to do. They are headstrong and very independent. They could butt heads and challenge their mother because they are very competitive; nevertheless, they have mutual love and respect for each other. 

Taurus Moon

Those with the Moon in Taurus may have a mother figure that either taught them the value of hard work or catered to their every need. The Taurus Moon will not be afraid to address their feelings to their parents, especially when they need to get something off their chest. If they do not trust their parents, they will simply not engage. Moon here likes to work through problems, so communicating is essential for them. 

Gemini Moon

The natives and their mother can be best friends. Growing up, the mother encourages the child to speak their mind and find confidence in their words. Gemini Moons value good discussions that can range from intellectual to acquiring gossip. The Gemini Moon enjoys connections based on good communication and this will be replicated in their friendships as well as romantic relationships.

Cancer Moon

The Moon is at home in this sign. The native may have learned about their emotional intelligence through their parents. The Cancer Moon is nurturing and compassionate. They aim to have this dynamic with friends and loved ones. They know how to be patient, give great advice, and be there for the people that they consider family.

Leo Moon

A very positive connection here since the mother has encouraged the native to follow their dreams and to have a powerful sense of self. The Leo Moon can be quite empowered when they learn to love who they are and not depend on the flattery coming from others. This is a relationship that inspires Leo and their mother’s passions and goals can also motivate them to pursue their own.

Virgo Moon

Early on, the Virgo Moon's mother could influence their love of learning and expanding. They could have aimed to be like their mother at some point, emulating them and feeling inspired. Virgo Moons could be very chatty with their mothers, similar to Gemini, since they are both ruled by Mercury. The Virgo Moon parent must make sure to not be too critical and to always root for their child.

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Libra Moon

Appreciating art and beauty is important for the Libra Moon. Their mother could be the creative type who fueled their love for the arts and music. They may enjoy shopping, dancing, going to the museum, concerts, or anything artistic with their mother. Libra is very transparent in this relationship with their mother. Their mother can be a source of comfort and balance in their life. Guiding them, especially when Libra may feel like they need to be secured and protected.

Scorpio Moon

A native with the Moon in Scorpio would have a relationship that is rooted in learning and growth. They could confide in their mother early on if the parent has earned their trust and understanding. Their mother can influence their passion for the occult, astrology, theology, criminology, and movies, and they may even develop an interest in psychology. They prefer similar dynamics with strong people that they look up to and respect.

Sagittarius Moon

Having the Moon in Sagittarius shows a native that may have been inspired to travel and explore because of their mother. They enjoy sharing a lot with their mother and learning from them. The native values learning and connecting with people, because of the influence of their charismatic parents. They could even travel the world and have a desire to learn about their heritage because of their mother. 

Capricorn Moon

With the Moon in Capricorn, the native learns about responsibility early on. They have developed a very trusting relationship with their mother and view them as someone they can rely on and receive guidance from. Their parents may have been more strict growing up, but as the native gets older, they learn to have more of a friend dynamic with their communication.

Aquarius Moon

Having the Moon in Aquarius shows a very intellectual dynamic between the native and the mother. The mother encourages the child to be more of an independent thinker. Books would have played an important role growing up and their conversation with their parents may be linked to topics they are learning now. There can be a sense of camaraderie between the natives and their mothers, especially as they get older. 

Pisces Moon

When the Moon is in Pisces, the relationship with the mother figure may be unconventional. The native's mother can be imaginative, carefree, and a force of nature. The native can express themselves freely around their mother. Their connection can feel psychic, being able to sense each other's moods.

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