Taurus As A Mom: Best And Worst Traits & Parenting Style

The Taurus mom is down-to-earth, loyal, reliable and tenacious.

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Taurus is one of the most solid, yet laid-back signs of the zodiac. It stands to reason that a Taurus mom’s approach to parenting would be gentle, relaxed, laid back and loving by nature since Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus.

Taurus is a hardworking sign due to their desire for stability both on a physical and personal level when it comes to their personality and self-expression. They are down to earth, loyal, reliable and tenacious — and will expect no less from their children.


Individuals born under this sign have a great deal of patience, loyalty, affection, determination and independence and would expect their children to grow into these same qualities.

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Taurus mom strengths


We have already established that a Taurus mom is typically patient and understanding, but she is also practical. Taurus has a great sense of what really matters the most so she would be slow to anger or act in an impatient way around her little ones.


The Taurus mom is always ready to soothe the ups and downs of her child and there will be plenty of cuddling and kisses, especially when accidents and disappointments occur. Being of a practical nature, the Taurus Mom will make sure her child has plenty of good food, exercise, fresh air and clean clothes.


Stability is among the most important attributes of a Taurus so this will be reflected in raising children. While Taurus loves luxury and fine things, she does not generally spoil her children (well, not always) and likes to make sure they know the value of a dollar. She typically spends in a judicious manner and expects value for what she pays for and will teach this to her children.

While she is loving, she can have a stricter side to her to ensure that her children meet their deadlines, school work or anything else and don’t slack off. A Taurus Mom can handle getting the kids off to school, go to work herself if she chooses, be back in time for dinner and make sure all of the homework is done.  If a child is sick she will handle the Dr. appointment, console the child and still make sure everything else gets done in the home.


They say that home is where the heart is, and this is especially true for Taurus. Since Taurus has a love of luxury and beautiful surroundings she will make the most of her home whether it is a studio apartment or a 10,000 sq. ft. house.


Ruled by the planet Venus, a Taurus woman loves beauty and despises sordid surroundings. She typically takes care of her possessions and will always make the most of what she has. Beauty and harmony in the home and nice surroundings will be something the Taurus mom will instill in her children as well as the importance of taking care of what they own.


Taurus has a protective personality and this is even more so the case when children are born. A Taurus woman is especially protective when it comes to her children — and heaven help the person who thinks they can mistreat or intimidate a child with a Taurus woman around because she will instantly turn into that raging bull she represents if necessary.


Next to Cancer, Taurus is one of the most nurturing signs in the zodiac. Unless there is something in her chart that negates it, a Taurus woman is all about unconditional love with her children. A Taurus woman will give her children the world if she can, and in addition to this, she will shower them with everything they could possibly need, often whether she can afford it or not.

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Taurus mom challenges


Taureans typically gain their stability through work, and as a result, at times they can be considered workaholics or have some trouble limiting how much they give at work. Since the Taurus mom isn’t going to slack off on anything at home, they expend an enormous amount of energy keeping up with everything. Motherhood won’t change this, so sometimes the Taurus Mom need to slow down, prioritize, and take time for herself. Otherwise, she will be rushed all of the time.


Taurus is known for having a stubborn streak, and this can be a hard thing to change. The Taurus Mom may push herself to the limit if her mind is set on accomplishing something. Sometimes, she may seem completely immovable in her ideas until something happens that causes her to question the immovability she may show at times. Often, she operates on sheer will but would do well to learn that sometimes stubbornness doesn’t accomplish all you want and flexibility is not a bad thing.

It’s hard for a Taurus mom (or any Taurus, for that matter) to admit they are wrong, and this is a common quality that Taurus is known for.  While everyone can be wrong at times, getting a Taurus Mom to admit this would be a rare and unusual thing to happen. 

Taurus sometimes needs to remember the old saying, “Do you want to be right or happy?” If however, there is anything that would make her admit she is wrong, it would be her children!



A Taurus mom lives in the material world. Ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, Taurus can accumulate many beautiful and sometimes unnecessary items. The Taurus mom may spend more than she makes on her children or those she loves, so sometimes it may be necessary to ask, “Do the kids really need $300.00 sneakers, or does the daughter really need to ride to the party in a stretch limo?” Frequently, the answer is no, but this can be a difficult trait for Taurus mom to break, even though she is typically quite sensible.

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