Your Mom's Zodiac Sign And Its Long-Term Effects On You, According To An Astrologer

Mother-daughter relationship astrology can reveal the dynamics between you and your mom.

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No two parents are the same, and those who become parents will find their parenting styles largely influenced by their zodiac sign along with the astrological compatibility that exists between parent and child.

To fully understand a mother’s parenting style the chart would have to be looked at in-depth and compared with the chart of the child. Whatever the mother and daughter’s zodiac signs are, most can become great parents if the desire is there. 


Mother-Daughter relationship astrology

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Aries mom

Life is a journey toward adventure and excellence if you are an Aries mother. You have high expectations for your daughter and will teach her to face problems head-on. You may be pushy at times or too blunt but you have the best of intentions.


Your Aries mom was always surprising you with a new idea, trip or something fun to do. She could be very impatient, however, and while it never lasted long, her temper could have been a problem at times.

The best child compatibility for an Aries mother is a Leo daughter and the most challenging is a Cancer daughter since the Aries mom will likely not be in tune with the Cancer child's ups and downs.

Taurus mom

You will shower your children with everything you possibly can, including love and tolerance. The Taurus mom’s stubbornness can come into play, however, when the daughter reaches teenage years — and it might not be pretty.

Your Taurus mom was nurturing and always saw to it that you had everything you needed to succeed. Her stubbornness, however, could have been a problem at times and you knew that when she said no, she meant it and there was no wavering.


A Virgo daughter is the best match in terms of child/mother compatibility and Leo is the most challenging because the Leo daughter will be equally as stubborn as mom and determined to do things her way.

Gemini mom

The Gemini mom is considered one of the "barren" signs in astrology, meaning they are less likely to have children along with Leo, Aries, and Virgo. Gemini is an air sign, so it may seem like the Gemini mom lives in her own head. They are well known for their changeability, and while it depends upon other aspects in the chart, Gemini is not known for their nurturing skills or desires to take on unpleasant tasks that come with child-rearing.

Gemini is typically happiest in a social setting or gathering with others rather than being at home with children. Gemini’s changeability does not always work well with children who need structure and it is hard for Gemini to take on repetitive tasks or spend hours on end with children.

Your Gemini mother was a very social creature and probably had many friends. She taught you the value of friendships and interacting with others. While she was quite trendy, her inconsistencies and changeability may have driven you a little bit crazy at times.


The best child match for a Gemini mom is a Libra daughter. The most challenging is a Virgo daughter because they are so practical and structured, which may frustrate the free-spirited Gemini mother.

Cancer mom

Cancer women are known for their parenting skills and are considered one of the best moms astrologically. Cancer is also considered the most "fruitful" sign of the zodiac, or the most likely to have children along with other fruitful signs that include Taurus, Scorpio and Pisces.

The crab (Cancer) is often called the mother of the zodiac because they are nurturing by nature and interested in the emotional side of all of their relationships and home life. Cancer mothers frequently find themselves playing many different roles for their children: coach, teacher, provider, caregiver and friend. 

Your Cancer mother was always caring and ready to provide you with anything you needed and all of the support you wanted; maybe even too much support. Her emotional ups and downs, however, may have been quite difficult to live with at times, and even harder to understand. She always bounced back, though, and was the heart of the family.


The best mother/child match for Cancer is Scorpio and the most challenging is an Aries child, who will give Cancer a run for the money with their impulsiveness and impatience.

Leo mom

The Leo mom will bedazzle her young and there will be plenty of laughter and high energy in the house. Leo will protect her children like a mother bear and heaven help anyone who thinks otherwise.

If you grew up with a Leo mom, she may have seemed more like a best friend at least part of the time, and she had the ability to connect with you and your friends on your level. She may have also been a bit vain, seldom if ever admitted she was wrong and once she made up her mind about something that was it!

The best child match for Leo mom is a Sagittarius daughter and the most challenging is a Scorpio daughter since her secretive nature will not jive with Mom’s openness. 


Virgo mom

A Virgo mom is all about the details when it comes to raising children. She will set high standards concerning the running of the home and all of her children’s activities, leaving the normal person exhausted. Virgo feels a need to stay busy, so there is no time for relaxation, which can stress everyone out.

If you grew up with a Virgo mom it may have been a bit difficult on occasion because, while she could come across as critical at times, you eventually learned she only wanted what was best. Everything was always in place though, and you always had all you needed to complete any task at school or anywhere else that was demanded.

The best child match for Virgo is a Capricorn daughter and the worst is Sagittarius, whose quest for fun, spontaneity and adventure will be off Virgo’s grid.

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Libra mom

Libra’s parenting style will be peaceful and creative with a go-with-the-flow type of approach. The home will be beautiful, the kids well-dressed and happy, and Libra will be able to talk with them about just about anything. The only drawback is that Libra hates conflict, which is bound to happen at times so she will need to find a balance between going with the flow and structure.

Growing up with a Libra mom, you always had her companionship and logic to rely on. She may have seemed very changeable at times but was always consistent about right versus wrong and often rooted for the underdog. Manners would have been important from an early age.

The best child match for Libra is an Aquarius daughter and the worst is Capricorn. Little Capricorn will give her mother a run for the money when she doesn’t get her way and knows mom is a pushover.

Scorpio mom

Scorpio’s deep and unconditional love of those who are close will go a long way in terms of motherhood and creating a happy home environment for children. The Scorpio mother will do whatever it takes to raise her children in the correct way to prepare for life. She must, however, curb some of her insistence on everything being exactly as she wants it because raising little ones can get messy and have many unexpected twists and turns.


Growing up with a Scorpio mom could be magical, inspiring, and at times, a bit frightening, depending on her mood. While her moods may have frequently changed her desire to protect and give you the best life possible would have been her mantra.

The ideal child match for Scorpio is a Pisces daughter and the most challenging is Aquarius because mom will not relate to the Aquarian detachment and desire to try everything that is available.

Sagittarius mom

Sagittarius mom will consider her children the biggest adventure of her life and will make sure her kids are joyful and upbeat. She will try everything she can to communicate with them when necessary on their own level. Sag mom just needs to make sure she leaves some time for her own adventures because a bored Sagittarius is not a happy one.

If you grew up with a Sag mom you would have gone on many adventures and possibly seen life from many different angles. While this was often the case, she also made it clear she had her own adventures and was dedicated to making the most of her own life, which would have set an example, or at worst come across as selfish at times.


The best child match for Sagittarius is an Aries daughter, and the most challenging is Pisces because while mom can appreciate the Pisces creativity, she may not appreciate the ups and downs of this very emotional sign.

Capricorn mom

In some ways, Cappy was made to be a mom as the security that a family and home can bring is what most born under this sign eventually want. She will be strict but fair and teach her children that rules are there for a reason. The Capricorn mom just needs to make sure there is room for mistakes and create some fun times so that everything does not become about structure and rules.

Your Capricorn mom would have likely been the center of the home and it was her job to keep everything secure, including the finances. She may have even been a breadwinner or in some cases the main breadwinner.


The ideal child match for Capricorn is a Taurus daughter and the worst is probably Aries because their impulsive behavior will not work with mom.

Aquarius mom

Aquarius will be the coolest of moms. Home life will be fun, free-spirited and probably eclectic, and her children will have all kinds of adventures, trips and unconventional friends and acquaintances to talk about later in life. There is very little Aquarius won’t allow her children to try but she may have to learn that at times rules and structure are necessary with little ones.

Your Aquarian mom was a free spirit and taught you tolerance of others’ viewpoints and diversity. She was also very social so your house may have been like a magnet to other children.

The best child match for Aquarius is a Gemini daughter while the most challenging will be a Taurus because these two are so intrinsically different — however, they can each learn a lot from the other.


Pisces mom

A Pisces mom is the epitome of sensitivity, love and compassion for her children. In all likelihood, Pisces will know when something is wrong with her child even if she isn’t around because of her profound intuition and connectedness she will feel. Pisces may need to learn that not setting boundaries early on can lead to all kinds of problems she would rather not experience.

If you had a Pisces mom you had a constant support system and never doubted her love. Her sensitive moods, however, may have been difficult at times, especially if you have few or no water planets, and there may have been instances where she seemed to be a victim of circumstance in some ways.

The best child match for Pisces is a Cancer daughter, another sensitive soul, and the most challenging is Gemini, who will likely test mom with her ability to talk her into things when her intuition tells her otherwise.

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