Leo Moms: Best & Worst Traits And Parenting Style

Leo moms have big hearts and a bold parenting style.

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Leo women are known for being divas and often come across as bold, creative and courageous. They love drama, attention and glamour — especially attention. As a matter of fact, they thrive on attention and are usually the life of the party at gatherings. Leo is the sign that governs royalty and the entertainment business. Many if not most entertainers/artists have Leo in their chart.

The Leo woman has a big personality and the ability to go after and achieve most if not all of her dreams. These women do everything on a grand scale, for better or worse. If they like you, they will show it. If they are hurt or don’t like you, they will show this as well. 


When a Leo woman becomes a mom she will maintain all of the traits mentioned above. Did I mention Leo has a big heart? This will become more obvious than ever when a Leo woman has a child.

It can be both difficult and rewarding to be or have a Leo mom and very little is ever neutral in terms of life or her relationships with her children.

Leo mom strengths

Following are some of the most positive traits of a Leo mom.

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She loves big.

The sign Leo is ruled by the Sun which is connected in astrology to the heart. The Sun is also connected to the fifth house of the chart which rules fun, entertainment and children. 

Motherhood is important to a Leo woman who has a child. Not only is she one of the fiercest signs (remember, Leo is the king of the jungle and she will fiercely protect and love her children), but life without love is worthless to a Leo, and when it comes to her children her heart will always be loyal to her offspring. Unless there is something very contrary in the chart, she will love them unconditionally all of their lives. A Leo mother, however, is often misunderstood because she has a tendency to live so large, for better or worse.

She is protective.

Nothing will cause the lion to strike first if she believes someone is trying to harm or hurt her children in some way. If she is single and a boyfriend does anything at all to minimize or upset her children in any way he will be out the door in a flash. The same goes for anyone else, whether a friend, teacher or someone else. Like a mother lion, she will guard her cubs fearlessly. She will try not to be too overprotective and still allow her children to have fun but if she senses they are in harm’s way, she will intervene and no amount of remorse will change her mind about anyone she believes has less than their best interest at heart. 

She will be her child’s best friend

Leo rules the fifth house of the chart which concerns both children and friends so as the child matures she will make every effort to come across to her children at their own level. This won’t be difficult for the Leo mom because Leo likes fun and entertainment and will instill a great sense of excitement into the lives of her children. 


Not only will Leo be a great friend to her child, but she will also be their biggest and greatest cheerleader throughout life. She will encourage them to do their best in all they do and make every effort to keep them on the path toward achieving their goals. As Leo’s child grows, she will respect him or her in terms of their own individualism and always be there for support.

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Leo mom challenges

She can be self-absorbed and even competitive.

Since Leo is ruled by the Sun and our universe revolves around it, it is little wonder that many Leos feel they are the center of the universe, especially when young. Leo has a bright and bold personality and they are often quite driven and good at what they do, but their often high opinion of themselves can sometimes be over the top. If Leo does not get the attention she wants, unless she is an emotionally mature Leo, petty quarrels, arguments and temper tantrums can sometimes ensue. As a child gets older, especially a girl, Leo mom may become a little competitive and find it difficult to step back and let someone else have their time in the limelight. 

She can be overly dramatic.

A Leo woman is almost always dramatic and this will not change when she has kids. For a Leo mom, it is as though the music of life is always turned up at full blast, so if something out of the ordinary happens, it is likely she will overreact. If her child disappoints in some way, the lioness may overreact before she realizes this is happening, because to her this is basically normal behavior for Leo. She is not out to hurt or upset her child, but he has very high goals and objectives when it comes to what she wants for her children and if this doesn’t occur Leo’s disappointment will be known.


At times she can become overly dramatic, especially if she perceives something that could be harmful to her child. As she grows into motherhood this may change some, but the tendency will always be there. If her children are sensitive water signs this could cause a bigger problem and she will have to learn to tone down some of her reactions. A bad grade, a failed test, or some other failure on her child’s part can lead to a Leo mom overreacting because she does have such high standards and considers her children a reflection of herself.

She can be prideful and find it difficult to admit fault.

Leo is a fixed fire sign and, like all fixed signs, she can be stubborn. Fixed signs are very determined to accomplish what they set out to do and they are slow to change, if at all, once they make a decision. Their stubbornness makes them very tenacious which is why they are often successful, but it can come at a cost.

Leo also has a great deal of pride and a big ego, so a Leo mother may find it hard to admit she was wrong about something, even if she knows that she is. Leo has so much love for her children however, this may change things as time goes on, but it will never be easy for her. The lioness can be quite demanding with her children and find it hard to back down once she has said something. The more her children argue, the more she will resist. A Leo mom has no problem laying down the law, sometimes to the detriment of more sensitive children so this is something she has to typically work on as the child grows.


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