What Your Relationship With Your Father Is Like, According To Astrology

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Certain astrological placements in the natal chart can reveal the dynamics we have with others, including our relationship with our parents. For example, your mom's zodiac sign can have a long-term effect on you and your Moon sign can reveal what type of relationship you may have with her. 

In the natal chart, the Sun represents the Father. The astrology house your Sun sign falls in as well as the aspects it makes in your chart can give insight into what the connection with your father is like and how the relationship typically functions.

What your Sun house placement says about your relationship with your father



Sun in the 1st house

You may not only look similar to your father, you probably have a similar personality in many ways and get along quite well.

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Sun in the 2nd house

Your father may influence what you do for a living. You're also likely similar in terms of the way you view money and spending. You probably admire his work ethic and learned from it.

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Sun in the 3rd house

Your father probably had a huge influence on the way you communicate with others and your thinking. You may have many relatives on your father’s side of the family.

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Sun in the 4th house

Since the fourth house typically rules the mother, this is not the best placement for the Sun and the father may have been forced to act as both parents or step into the traditional mother’s role in some way. This placement is also representative of a restrictive or overprotective father.

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Sun in the 5th house

This represents the house of friends, which is how you see your father. You probably do a lot of fun things together and genuinely enjoy each other’s company.

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Sun in the 6th house

Since the sixth house rules service to others, the Sun in the 6th house can indicate a father who may provide a great deal of help in you life. He could also influence many of your work-related decisions. In addition, the sixth house rules over health, meaning your father could suffer from illnesses.

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Sun in the 7th house

The seventh house represents partners in life and the Sun here would indicate you are very close to your father and could even become a business partner at some point.

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Sun in the 8th house

Since this is the house of inheritance, it is likely you may inherit from your father or his side of the family. In some cases, this placement represents a father that seems very mysterious, dramatic and secretive, and at worst, he is absent.

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Sun in the 9th house

This placement shows a father born of a different nationality who has done a great deal of traveling. This is also the house of spirituality, philosophy and education and the father will influence these areas of your life to a large extent.

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Sun in the 10th house

The 10th house typically rules the father, so the Sun is well-placed here. It indicates a deep-rooted respect for your father. It also influences your career. You may have the same profession as your dad, who probably comes across as quite worldly and wise.

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Sun in the 11th house

Since this house rules friends, hopes and wishes, your father may influence these areas of your life in many ways. He may also come across as a friend more so than a father figure.

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Sun in the 12th house

The 12th house refers to hidden things and difficulties in life so the Sun in the 12th house could represent an absent or deceased father or one you are not closely connected to. Men in particular with this placement may find it difficult to relate to other men as a result.

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Astrology aspects affecting your relationship with your father

Certain aspects in the birth chart can give us more information about the father and your relationship with him.

The Sun in hard aspect to the Sun

Issues concerning authority may be front and center with the father with this placement revealing frequent disagreements. In easy aspect, you should click and get along quite well unless something else is blocking the relationship.

Mercury in hard aspect to the Sun

This placement is representative of difficult communication with the father. On the other hand, Mercury in easy aspect would denote good communication.

Venus in hard aspect to the Sun

This placement can lead to overindulgence in some way but Venus is not extremely detrimental. In easy aspect, it denotes love and a good relationship.

Mars in hard aspect to the Sun

This denotes a difficult father and, at worst, one who is physical or violent. In good aspect, this is an energetic relationship.

Jupiter in hard aspect to the Sun

This placement can indicate overindulgence and, at worst, can lead toward encouraging each other in unwise activities. In easy aspect, it promotes, love, respect and honor of the father.

Saturn in hard aspect to the Sun

This placement leads to a cold, fearful or absent relationship with the father. In easy aspect, Saturn can indicate a great teacher.

Uranus in hard aspect to the Sun

This represents an erratic and unpredictable father. In easy aspect, it denotes an interesting relationship and the father may be viewed as a genius or ahead of his time in some way.

Neptune in hard aspect to the Sun

This can indicate a confusing or absent relationship with the father, who may struggle with addiction issues. In easy aspect, it can denote creativity and spirituality and a psychic link between the two.

Pluto in hard aspect to the Sun

This placement indicates a controlling father and many emotional issues may present themselves throughout the relationship. In easy aspect, the father can wield a great deal of influence and be a transformational figure in life.

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