How Natal Sun In The 12th House Affects Your Life & Relationships

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sun in the 12th house

The 12th house is ruled by Pisces and is linked to the planets Jupiter and Neptune. It is the house where we see karmic debt from a past life

Because it is the last house in our chart, it also is synonymous with the most private placement. The 12th is where we keep our secrets, where we explore the darker side of our minds, and it is the place where we shield ourselves from peering eyes. We hide ourselves here as well as our motives. 

Similar to the eighth house, it could have a darker feel since it is connected with our psyche. However, the overall themes for this house are about releasing and preparing to return to the self once planets transit over from the 12th to the 1st house.

For the collective, the 12th house is linked to hospitals, prisons, and asylums. It is a house of service to others, so acts of charity are also connected to the 12th.

There is a need to analyze and dissect this house, but not through the depths of the 8th. Here we remember, learn to let go and forgive. It is a place of release and learning more about ourselves before returning to the first. 

Sun in the 12th house meaning

The Sun is represented by the sign of Leo, a sign that rules the self. The Sun is a luminary reflecting our identity and self-expression.

How we go about and face the world is linked to our Sun sign, so when the Sun is hidden in the 12th, standing out is not easy for the native. Finding their place in the spotlight is a challenge for them.

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There is also a general distrust from the natives when it comes to other people due to past life karma. They will prefer to stay hidden and observe. Discovering who they are and working on things that bring them happiness and purpose will help them flourish.

For the natives to feel happier, they need to learn how to love themselves. Because the 12th house is related to things that are hidden, they need to be comfortable with stepping out and showing others just how powerful they can be.

Creating a positive environment and surrounding themselves with confident and driven people will allow the natives to step out of their shells. Observing and learning about confidence from others can help their self-esteem. They will also feel empowered to be their true self.

The native must also remember not to change anything about their personality and to remain true to who they are. More of their uniqueness will be noticed and appreciated once they feel confident in their style, looks, and abilities. 

Sun in the 12th house traits

1. Dreamer

Those with Sun in the 12th can dream big. The issue is that they need to learn to establish good, solid, and practical plans that can allow them to achieve their dreams by creating a foundation to jumpstart their journey.

2. Creative

They get inspired easily since they have great imaginations. Those with planets in the 12th have an easier time channeling their creative side since Neptune allows them to be artistically inclined.

3. Driven

Even though their Sun is in the hidden area of their chart, the native is still ambitious and driven to succeed. It could be that their lack of self-confidence will stop them from getting to where they want to be. Once they learn to be confident in themselves they can achieve anything.

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4. Romantic

Planets in the 12th House tend to make the natives very romantic. They will prioritize their partners and will shower them with love and gifts constantly.

5. Selfless

This could be good or bad. While the native wants to do good for others, they could lose themselves in the process and abandon their sense of identity.

6. Unfocused

Sometimes, the native could feel too scattered to focus on something. With Sun in the 12th, the Neptunian energy could make them prefer to get lost in their thoughts instead of following through with a plan. Creating structure is essential for them.

7. Pessimistic

Although they might have some spark to take on the world, their insecurity could make them feel as if they should give up. Adding some optimism every once in a while can help them power through.

Sun in the 12th house relationships

Sun in the 12th house relationships might feel challenging since the native will have a tough time showing their partner who they are.

Creating a stronger bond with themselves first will enable them to have successful relationships with others. They will experience a radical way of self-love if they start by learning about their needs and wants first before committing to a partnership.

Establishing good communication with their partner will allow them to reveal parts of themselves. However, they need to learn to create boundaries so that they do not get hurt.

They also need a partner that can push them to discover their hidden potential. Once they do find someone that meets their needs, they will be open and true to who they are.

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