Zodiac Placements Most Likely To Deal With 'Daddy Issues'

According to astrology, 'daddy issues' are indicated in the birth chart.

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Astrology can reveal many details about our personalities including certain blind spots that may be difficult to identify for ourselves. For example, while it may be hard for us to see family dynamics from an outsider's perspective, certain birth chart placements can reveal how these relationships might play out.

This is evident in those who might deal with 'daddy issues,' or fraught relationships with the father. The natal chart can reveal what they are and why they are occurring. 


In the natal chart, the father is represented by the Sun and sometimes Saturn as both planets represent prominent male figures in life. In addition, the 10th house in the chart rules the father. Afflictions or hard aspects to either of these planets, the fourth house, and the planetary ruler of the fourth house are typically connected with the father. 

Below are some of the most common transits in the natal chart that deal with ‘daddy issues. Everyone with one or more of these aspects is not going to necessarily experience "daddy issues." For example, in some cases, hard aspects of Saturn to the Sun can indicate a highly disciplined and hard-working individual. In other instances, however, it directly deals with the father.


The more of these aspects present in the natal chart, the more likely issues with the father were experienced and can extend into adulthood.

Signs of ‘daddy issues’ in astrology

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Sun conjunct, square or opposing Saturn

Since the Sun is the archetypal father figure, hard Saturn transits generally show a distant or cold relationship, especially the square and opposition. In this case, the father may have been an imposing figure, disciplinarian, or otherwise difficult person to deal with in some way.


According to Personal and Family Astrologer and TikTok creator Lorena Mitoi, “Sometimes trauma is indicated where there is a harsh aspect between the Sun and Saturn, Lilith or Chiron or if Saturn is badly positioned, such as Saturn in the 12th house and retrograde."



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That said, those with these placements (or any other aspects mentioned here, for that matter) aren't doomed to have a bad relationship with their father.


“If you're a parent and your child has the Sun aspecting other planets badly, especially Chiron or Saturn, keep in mind that's just a growth journey between the two of you and as long as you take it seriously, you're gonna be just fine," Mitoi reassures.

Leo, Capricorn or Sagittarius Moon

A complicated relationship with the father can occur with the Moon in any of the above signs which are masculine signs (except Capricorn) connected with authority figures. 

Leo is ruled by the Sun, so the Leo Moon may constantly seek approval from the father or search for ways to impress him. This can also show a self-centered father or someone who is focused on fulfilling the Father’s expectations in hopes of gaining approval.

An individual with a Capricorn Moon may have experienced a father who was very demanding and had overly high expectations, leading to emotional issues.


A Sagittarius Moon can show father issues because of a father that kept a great deal of emotional distance or simply wasn’t available to the child.

Sun square or opposing Neptune

Sun-Neptune aspects lean toward issues surrounding a father that was either not present or did not give the individual what they needed. This aspect can represent a more severe problem in a man’s chart since men typically look to the father for guidance.

The Sun conjunct Neptune can also represent an issue with the father, but the square and opposition are typically worse. Any of these transits can represent an absent or deceased father. You may have lived through some type of trauma or abuse in early life connected with the father, or you could have experienced a father with addictions or mental health issues.

Often there is an issue because the father was not there to help the ego develop in a healthy manner. You may have felt you needed to escape reality early on and responded by withdrawing, hiding, or at worst, falling into addictions or a fantasy world.


Sun or Saturn conjunct, square or opposing Chiron

Chiron is the asteroid known as the "wounded healer." When it is aspecting the Sun or Saturn you experienced some type of deep wounding relating to the father that may delay, impede or interfere with your own positive creative self-expression. It is possible there was an existing problem made worse by the father or another strong male figure in your life.

You do understand suffering and can use this knowledge to help and empower others. You can look at the house your Sun-Chiron aspect is in to understand where this happened. For example, if Chiron is in the 12th house the father may have been deceased, not around or institutionalized.

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Saturn square or opposing the Moon

While the Moon typically represents the mother and Moon-Saturn transits often reveal a cold relationship with the mother, Saturn can represent the father or another strong male figure that would be been cold, cruel or distant. One or both parents did not create a strong and loving bond which would leave you feeling rejected or even unlovable.


Sun conjunct, square or opposing Mars

Sun-Mars aspects can be difficult to deal with. Since the Sun represents the father, the opposition (or square in particular) can indicate tensions and in some cases even a volatile relationship with the father. At worst, this can be indicative of a physically or emotionally abusive relationship. The conjunct is not as bad, but can still play a role in terms of creating anger or frustration in relation to the father.

Sun square or opposing Uranus

Sun-Uranus aspects, especially the square and opposition, can indicate problems with the father. With Uranus involved, the father may have been unpredictable or in and out of the child’s life. At worst, he could have been suddenly removed in some way from the child.

Sun-Pluto aspects

Sun-Pluto aspects, especially the square and opposition, can result in difficult issues concerning the father. Tight Sun-Pluto transits can indicate the father had a powerful hold on the individual one way or another, and at other times aspects like this can indicate family histories that include such things as sexual violence, incest or criminal actions by close male figures. In any case, this individual was taken into Pluto’s underworld and exposed to some difficult situations early on. At times hard Pluto aspects can indicate shame, guilt, and embarrassment or early and hard-to-forget power struggles.


Black Moon Lilith in hard aspect to the Sun

Mitoi refers to Lilith in hard aspect to the Sun which can create trauma. Lilith is not a planet but a point in your chart. Lilith shows us where we feel or may have felt ashamed, repressed, held back, deeply misunderstood and, in some cases, emotionally or physically abused.

In hard aspect to the Sun, Lilith will dredge up unpleasant memories that are often connected to the relationship with the father that needs to be healed. Once healed, individuals with this aspect can have the power to help others go through the healing process as well.

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